The 5 best Portugal music festivals of the summer


5 Portuguese festivals to show you why you should choose Portugal for this summer

Summer in Portugal is all about beach parties and summer festivals - sometimes both concepts mixed up! In this article we selected 5 of our favourite Portugal music festivals happening from July to September and some suggestions of accommodation so that music is the only thing you have to care about!

1. NOS ALIVE - 11th to the 13th of July - Lisbon

NOS Alive, our first pick for Portugal music festivalsNOS Alive, photo credits: Instagram @arlindocamachoph

NOS Alive is the biggest rock portuguese festival. Happening from the 11th to the 13th of July, it brings to Lisbon The Cure, Vampire Weekend, The Smashing Pumpkins, Bon Iver, The Chemical Brothers, among others. Usually tickets are sold out by this time, so make up your mind and start planning TODAY! Regarding accommodation, you’re safe, just follow our recommendation and stay in HUB New Lisbon Hostel - the coolest hostel in the city! Don’t believe us? Just check their ball pool:

Hub New Lisbon Hostel, your hostel in Lisbon

The amazing ball pool at Hub New Lisbon Hostel that you can try for free!

...and now that you're Lisbon, do you feel like exploring? Check our free walking tour articles about this amazing city: Downtown, Chiado, Belém and Parque das Nações.

2. Super Bock Super Rock - 18th to 20th of July - Meco Beach

Festival Super Rock Super Rock, one of our favourite summer festival in PortugalSuper Bock Super Rock - photo credits: Instagram @miatome

A beautiful beach plus a summer festival with great music? You’ll find it in Super Bock Super Rock in Meco beach! Save the dates 18th to 20th of July if you want to sing and dance along Lana Del Rey, Phoenix, The 1975, Disclosure and many more! The general ticket will give you access to the camping facilities near by, but in case you’re attending for only one day or if you prefer to sleep indoors then we recommend you to stay in Setúbal.

Setúbal is a fishing town, not yet so explored by foreigners, therefore with great fish and beaches (check Portinho da Arrábida and Galapos Beach!).

Praia de Galapos

Galapos Beach

Also, are you a fan of dolphins?

In Sado Estuary (Setúbal) you can book a boat trip and get to know these amazing animals - according to the local operating boat tours, the odds of seeing dolphins are of about 95%! If your answers were "yes, yes and yes" the super modern and chill Blue Coast Hostel, is your place, located in the very heart of Setúbal!

3. UNITE with Tomorrowland - 27th of July - Porto


The original Tomorrowland in Belgium

This year Portugal receives a “Tomorrowland festival” for the first time, it is called UNITE with Tomorrowland and intends to connect the original Tomorrowland in Belgium with several cities in Europe: feel the magic of Tomorrowland in a Portuguese hot summer night! Save the date: 27th of July. As for the accommodation, feel at home in Pousada e Hostel das Flores - the most welcoming guest house in Porto, where the owner, Mrs. Simone, will treat you like a son/daughter!

Pousada e Hostel das Flores and its beautiful garden in PortugalThe garden of Pousada e Hostel das Flores - photo credits @Monellechiti

Did You know Porto was chosen as European Best Destination in 2017? In case you didn't and this is your first time in "Invicta" - the city's nickname - then check our top 7 of the most beautiful sights in Porto.

4. Bons Sons - 8th to 11th August - Tomar

So you already got the chance to explore the main cities of Portugal: Lisbon and Porto. It's not time to go deep into the country, to a small city called Tomar! But this is not your final destination: Bons Sons - the most Portuguese festival you’ll find happens every year in Cem Soldos - a very traditional and peaceful village. Eat, drink, get to know the locals and enjoy the nature during the day, because during the night you’ll have the chance to see performing the best portuguese bands, and also the little ones, which will certainly be big one day!

Bons Sons Festival, Portugal festival you can't missBons Sons Festival, photo credits: Instagram @festival_bonssons

...and now that you’re in Tomar, why don’t you explore Castelo de Bode Dam in Ferreira do Zêzere? Staying in the guesthouse Ninho do Falcao allows you to do ALL OF THESE!

Ps - the historical center of Tomar also deserves a visit!

Aldeia do Mato river beachFerreira do Zêzere - photo credits: Instagram: @jessieebessie

5. Lis-Bon - 6th to 8th of September - Lisbon

Now we would like to invite you back to Lisbon. Waiting for you, there’s a mini Portuga music festival happening right in the heart of the city: with electronic music, in a beautiful garden (Eduardo VII Park) from 2pm until 1am on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September - welcome to Lis-Bon!

And when you’re feeling tired, you just need to walk to the amazing HUB Lisbon Patio Hostel which is located 5 minutes away from the festival!

Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel

ATTENTION: by attenting all of these events you're taking the risk of living the best summer of your life! :) If you're ok with that and you would like to see more accommodation so to enjoy these amazing portugal music festivals, do so here:

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