The 8 cheapest and most beautiful cities in Europe to visit


Do you want to know which are the cheapest cities in Europe to travel to? Look no further!

Let's be honest. Most of the people who visit Europe always plan their trips based on the classic destinations, the countries that everyone goes to and that you cannot miss if you travel for the first time. It is not your fault or anyone else's but for that reason we've decided to show you some cheap and beautiful cities in Europe that you must visit. They are somewhat unknown and therefore have not been entirely discovered. Take advantage of this!

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Sofía (Bulgaria)

In the Balkan peninsula in southern Europe, with more affordable prices, there is a small country that's quite unknown to the world - we are talking about Bulgaria. Bulgaria is part of our list of cheap and beautiful cities in Europe to visit on your travels. It is a destination that's not overcrowded, but it has enough attractions to be a first-class tourist spot: history, heritage protected by Unesco, ski resorts, wonderful beaches, good gastronomy, hot springs and more await future visitors.

The price of hotels varies a lot, but you can find rooms for €40-60 per night in four-star hotels, not to mention trying their delicious cuisine for 8 or 10 euros per person. Traditional food can be tried in the mehanas that would become traditional restaurants decorated with colourful tablecloths.

Fact: the national currency is the Lev, they do not have euros, and to get them it is best to go to a bank and avoid the poor exchange rates elsewhere

Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Can you imagine being able to go to the most luxurious restaurant in your city and pay less than six euros for a meal? Well this is possible in Mostar, one of the cities you must visit if you go to Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are talking about a country in political-economic conflict and divided because of its religious discrepancies. But if there is something that it does not lack, it is culture.

Mostar is such a cheap city that if you want to have a taste of its delicious local dishes, it is better to go to a good level restaurant than to go to the supermarket. But it is not only about its tasty grills with meat but also about its accommodation. A night in a hostel located near the historic centre can cost between seven and ten euros per night. The public transport that circulates between the entire area of the former Yugoslavia is also convenient due to its low prices since it travels long distances paying little money.

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Slovakia is a country that may go unnoticed by many tourists but will never do so for travellers thirsty for exploring new places and low prices. Bratislava is its capital and it really is a city that has a lot to offer short-stay visitors.

For example, some essential visits are the Bratislava Castle, the Gate of St. Michael, the Old Town Hall or the Hlavne Namestie Square. Everything is beautiful, even the numbers that invite you to know the site. For lunch in a restaurant the dish of the day can cost about 6/7 euros. And if you want to go for some fast food you may be paying only about 5 euros! Not bad, huh? On the other hand, a coffee can cost around two euros in the most expensive part of the city, but for example in an area far from the centre you pay €1.50 for a pint of beer.

As for stays, one night in high season in a hostel with a shared room you will be paying 10 or 12 euros. A hotel is around 20 euros per night.

Riga (Latvia)

Latvia is a very interesting country in many respects as is its beautiful capital, Riga. Tiny and beautiful landscapes, nice and open-minded people. But in addition to these great aspects, you can find excellent prices to enjoy everything to the fullest. Its capital Riga, is no exception to the aforementioned characteristics.

Let's get to the point. A night in a hostel will cost you around €10 per bed, a basic hotel will cost around €30 / night, and palaces and other luxury hotels have similar prices to other countries in Europe. I don't think you will find something as cheap as Bosnia but here you can surely eat well for low prices. For a plate loaded with good food you will pay about €10, no more than that. You have to look, but there are, there are! If you want to go purely touristy then consider that if you want to know its museums and castles they will cost you about € 5 each visit.

Skopje (Macedonia)

You probably don't know where Macedonia is, but it probably sounds familiar to you because you studied it in high school. Ok, now we will give you a slightly bigger screenshot because visiting the Macedonian capital Skopje is something that is really worth it if you want to find a little more diversity. And of course if you want to save some money and have a good time.

To give you an idea, Macedonia is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, and it is a good reason to choose it as a vacation destination. Sleeping is cheap in Macedonia. Backpackers find hostel and hostel options especially interesting and will not even look down on choosing hotels since for the price of a cheap hotel in Paris you can sleep in a five-star hotel in Macedonia. We are talking about prices of less than 8/9 euros a night. If you are hungry you can eat cheaply in Macedonia. In Skopje and Ohrid the prices are higher (although not high), but in less touristy areas you can eat well and in quantity for moderate-low prices, around 4/5 euros for a good meal.

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Vilnius (Lithuania)

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, one of the cheapest cities in Europe to travel to. This country which is part of the Baltic countries which have considerably cheaper prices than places in Spain, Italy or France. Restaurants, drinks, everyday products or even transport cost much less than in all of Western Europe. If we add to this the beautiful existence of youth hostels that make life easier for us both economically and socially, then everything fits to visit beautiful Vilnius.

For around €10 you can enjoy a meal with a drink in most restaurants in Vilnius, and even for less in the rest of the country. As for drinks, they are considerably cheaper. A pint of beer costs around €1.50 while a soft drink or bottle of water in a restaurant usually costs around €1.

Visiting the museums and castles costs around €5. Transport, especially the bus, is very well developed in Lithuania and is very affordable to the point that it will not be a burden to worry about during your trip.

Chisinau (Moldova)

Before moving on to Chisinau we must first orientate ourselves: Moldova is located between Romania and Ukraine in the Eastern European area. This place may be unknown to a large part of the population but the reality is that once you become familiar with Chisinau your concept of the city will change completely. Good luck is with us, the capital of Moldova can be visited in a single day, some of the things to do in Chisinau are: the Arc de Triomphe, the Monument of Stefan the Great, the Alley of the Classics, etc.

If you want to have lunch in a cheap restaurant, you can pay about 5 euros for your food, on the other hand, if you plan to go for its modest bars then get ready for a good local beer that will not exceed 1.50 euros. A night in a hostel in the capital of Moldova can cost approximately 8 euros per night but varies according to the area where you are.

It is always a good option to give these cities that have not yet been fully discovered a chance. There are so many advantages to visiting them, beyond the budget.

Belgrade (Serbia)

We finally move a little further south to get to know a city that is not only treacherous for its architecture but also for its extremely interesting history. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and is part of our list of cheap and beautiful cities in Europe to travel. It is worth even just one day to walk through its cobbled streets or cross its glorious bridges to take some photos and admire the scene.

Now, in terms of prices, you can eat a full meal in a good place paying only 7.50 euros. If you are staying in a hostel and are willing to share rooms then think about 12 euros more or less. The great advantage of touring Belgrade, like many cities in Europe, is that they present free alternatives for tourists.

The list ends right here but not your trip. Your adventure still goes on, since cheap and beautiful cities in Europe to travel are everywhere and all you have to do is just go. The price is affordable, the important thing is that you make the decision. Anyway, tell us if these European cities were to your liking or not. Don't forget to read the following articles that are similar and may be of interest to you.

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