About us

HostelsClub offers a large selection of smart and affordable accommodations worldwide (we are available in 176 countries), including more than 30.000 hotels, hostels, campsites, B&Bs, guesthouses, and apartments.
Headquartered in Venice, a team of international professionals manages the different work activities: from property support and customer care to the development of innovative IT and marketing solutions. We listen to the needs of our customer, who can always count on our staff support.

We love thinking big and numbers are on our side. Our website is translated into 27 languages, visited monthly by millions of users who make hundreds of reservations, but at the same time we want to make sure to operate within a human dimension and maintain a trustful relationship with our customers, based on collaboration (our multilingual staff is always at work, collecting feedback, doubts, critics and tips from partners and customers, always aiming at satisfying their expectations). This might be one of the reasons why our roots are not in a big city but rather in an historical city like Venice: small, but well known all over the world; with a great past but always open to future; featuring rich local traditions, yet always ready to welcome international cultures and trends.