Ilha Grande: what to do in this piece of paradise

Beach, culture, nature... you will find it all in this island!

A paradisiac island full of green vegetation and light blue water - that's what you're going to find in Ilha Grande, 125km away from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and where there's no cars and so you must walk or catch a boat.
  • Vila do Abraão is the main village in the island, where you'll find accommodation, bars, restaurants and markets. From the harbor, it's possible to catch a boat to the most touristic attractions, such as the beach Lopes Mendes and Lagoa Azul or "Blue Lagoon". Or you can walk through the paths until the waterfall or the historic ruins of the island!

  • What to visit in Ilha Grande:
- Lopes Mendes Beach

La spiaggia di Lopes Mendes
  • Lopes Mendes is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil: about 3 kms of white sand, turquoise blue calm waters and surrounded by nature... can you believe this place is usually empty?
In the left side of the beach, right in the end, there is floater that broke off a ship and become a tourist attraction!
  • - Lazareto Ruins and the Aqueduct
Le rovine dell'acquedotto
The rails to get to know these ruins starts from Abraão and it's very easy to access. The ruins of Lazareto are located right in front of Preta beach. Between 1886 and 1913 worked there a hospital where the imigrants who were arriving to Brazil would stay in quarentine. From 1940 and 1954 the building was used as a presidio. If you keep walking you'll reach to the aqueduct that used to supply the presidio. It is made of stone and part of it has already been taken by nature. If you're feeling brave, climb it up and you'll get an amazing view of the place!
  • - Lagoa Azul or "Blue Lagoon"
La laguna blu
As the name suggests, Lagoa Azul is a natural swimming pool between two islands in the parish of Santana, with colored blue water. Several boats stop in this place so people can dive and do snorkeling, we can assure you it will be a unique experience to be surrounded by lots of colorful fish!
  • - Feiticeira Waterfall or "Waterfall of the Witch"
Le cascate di Feiticeira
You can reach Feiticeira Waterfall by walking, from Vila do Abraão or by boat followed by a short walk from Feiticeira Beach. This waterfall, with 15 meters high is one of the most visited places of the island. Surrounded by stones and vegetation, here you can swim and even practice rappel!
  • - Walking around the island
Il villaggio di Abraão
Ilha Grande has about 193km² of land and some places are really hard to reach, so a boat ride is a great option for the ones who want to know the wild untouched corners. The touristic boat includes stops in Caxadaço, Parnaioca, Aventureiro (where the attraction is a coconut tree lying down) and Meros.
  • Finally, watch Vila do Abraão beach. If you like going out, you will certainly enjoy its countless bars spread about the village's charming streets.
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