Bored of staying in the same old central Milan hostels? Better to sleep in a castle in Lombardy!

Elegant, comfortable and convenient. Discover the hostel that gives you the possibility to sleep in a castle in Lombardy!

The fascination of antiquity and culture meet the peace of the surrounding nature: sleeping in a castle in Lombardy has finally become a reality.

Welcome to the castle hostel Mina Della Scala, where the beauty of one of the most stunning castles in the region is mixed with the originality of hostel life.

Much more than your cheap hostels in Milan!

dove dormire in castello Lombardia

In the green heart of Lombardy, a little over an hour's driving from Milan rises the Conti Persico Licer castle. A regal building, surrounded by a large park that reflects the colours and scents of the spring, dominates the former medieval fief of Casteldidone.

And right there, surrounded by the history of an ancient residence, is a latest generation hostel.

Comfortable, completely restored, convenient. The castle hostel Mina Della Scala doesn't just have everything you need to be your perfect hostel in Lombardy, but it offers you something extra.... something that no Milan Hostel could never give you.

The unique and irresistible experience - to sleep in a castle in Lombardy, at the crossroads of the most visited cities of the region.

Hostel and....castle! When the experience makes such a difference

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Where antique meets modernity, history is always present. This was how the idea was born to dedicate an entire section of the castle, in particular, the old stables and the disused house of the guards, to this unprecedented hostel in Lombardy.

The restoration work for this castle was long and expensive, but the amazing results certify its immense value. Here elegance coexists with comfort, a jump into the past that unifies charm of antiquity and the beauty of nature: it's the atmosphere that counts, the details that make the difference.

Many rooms (with a total of 51 beds), tastefully furnished, in harmony with the splendour of the 18th Century furnishings that embellish the rooms of the castle. There is also a special regard for families, to whom large rooms are dedicated with a double bed and single bunk beds: the perfect accommodation for a family-friendly holiday whilst discovering the beauty of Lombardy. You will find a private bathroom in each room, ensuite or externally.

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Fully respecting the spirit that characterizes hostel life, even in the Mina Della Scala castle, the kitchen is a meeting point for all the guests. Families, young adults, groups, couples.... all sitting together at the table for breakfast, people of different ages, provenances, languages being shared and discovered.

You can chat over coffee, or enjoy three different common areas, complete with sofas and free wifi (work is underway to extend the connection across the entire property, rooms included).

Stories of life, experiences and memories thread their way through the walls of this ancient dwelling, that have now come back to life in the name of travel and discovery.

Cucina dell'ostello, dormire in castello Lombardia

Private lockers, free parking within the property grounds, TV in the common areas and a buffet breakfast are some of the advantages that form a wide range of services that they hostel provides, without forgetting a fundamental part, that of the service. The staff at the Mina Della Scala have made welcoming guests a true art, guiding you, step by step into the magical atmosphere of the place.

But the true protagonist is the large private courtyard within the property: forget the urban buzz of the Milan hostels: here nature is king and you can be sure to relax!

(Chairs and tables are available to enjoy some time together in the open air!)

Sleeping in a Milan hostel? A castle in Lombardy is even better!

The Lombardy region around the hostel is teeming with artistic cities and small medieval villages that you can visit, in full Italian style. However, before venturing towards new discoveries, stop for a moment and look around: what other hostels in Lombardy would give you the possibility to visit an authentic castle, completely restored with full respect for the spirit of its age?

Make the most of the private tours (with a discount on a full price ticket) organised by professionals of Target Tourism, and be prepared to be immersed in the fairytale atmosphere of the 18th Century,

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Mina Della Scala is a rare example of a castle that has been completely refurbished and refreshed and internally furnished in the style of its age. Built in 1596 by Ludovico Schizzi, to dominate the former fief of Casteldidone, it later became the property of Persico Licer, following the decline of the Schizzi family, who endowed it with marvellous 18th decorations, still visible today.

However, it is to the accounts Angelo, Ottone and Vittoria Persico Licer that we owe the precious project of revaluation that allowed the castle to be reborn in the modern era. With meticulous restoration work, strongly desired by the family, saw the recovery and restoration of hundreds of relics, works of art, furniture, furniture and silverware.

The secret of success? The undeniable love and pride of the Persico Licer for their family home, which has led them to fight against theft and malevolence to bring to light a cultural and artistic heritage of undeniable value, to be presented once again to the community around them.

Passion and tenacity have undoubtedly brought their fruits: 12 fully furnished rooms, all to visit and enjoy one at a time. Do not miss the imminent opening of the room of Benedict XV, illustrious father of the family, complete with a cardinal's seal, rigorously original.

dove dormire in castello Lombardia mobili d'epoca

You will be welcomed by the imposing exterior façade, which is one of the strong points of the entire structure. In fact, the main body of the castle is made of two slender wings, which enclose the charming inner courtyard, giving the structure the elegance typical of the elegant country villas.

Facing south we can find two tall towers and the twin service towers: watchful sentries, they contribute to immerse the castle in an atmosphere of ancient times. Thanks to its peculiar combination of architectural and decorative elements, Mina Della Scala can, therefore, be considered one of the rarest examples of 17th/18th-century residence castles throughout Lombardy.

dove dormire in castello Lombardia affreschi

The interiors are just as surprising. Walking through the spaces of the castle you really feel like going back in time. Every room, every corridor, every corner has been restored to their former glory. Antique furniture, decorated walls, four-poster beds and shining porcelains... a dip in the eighteenth century populated by ladies and knights.

And if we have not convinced you yet ... just look up to discover the true pearl of Mina Della Scala: the frescoed ceilings, which, in all their splendour, give life to ancient mythological stories of love, beauty and courage.

Interni dipinti, dormire in castello Lombardia

Start then to discover what remains one of the rarest examples of an inhabited noble residence. And for the most daring of minds, there is always the possibility to go hunting for the ancient ghost that wanders in the castle on the nights of a full moon...

1 hostel, 5 cities: what to see in Lombardy

One of the greatest advantages of this property is its strategic location, a great stop off on a trip towards Cremona, Parma, Brescia, Bergamo and, of course, Milan.

Here are some tips for a culture tour of Lombardy.

1. Milano: there is no need to book a Milan hostel in the centre of the city to enjoy the city to the full. In just over an hour you can find yourself right in the centre of this regional capital city. And when your there, don't forget to check out some quirky and unusual things you can see in Milan, along with the typical tourist's spots!

dove dormire in castello Lombardia Milano

2. Bergamo: everything is to be visited in Bergamo Alta, a city that encloses art, culture, history and tradition within its walls. The result? The Venetian Walls, a UNESCO world heritage site, and the suggestive Basilical di Santa Maria Maggiore and the botanical gardens of Lorenzo Rota. If you want to remain faithful to the beautiful history and nature of the city then make sure you stay in the Antico Borgo La Muratella, which combines all these things with great food, a modern and a wellness area just a few kilometres from the city.

3. Mantova: Lady of the Renaissance under the Gonzaga Family, Mantova distinguishes itself for the elegance of its buildings (don't miss the Palazzo Ducale) and for its natural heritage, which can be admired in the protected area of the Parco del Mincio.

dove dormire in castello Lombardia Mantova

4. Brescia Another Italian pearl, another UNESCO world heritage site. Not far from the crystalline waters of Lake Garda, unmissable on a sunny day.

5. Pavia: how to escape the iconic charm of the Ponte Coperto? Five arches overlooking the Ticino form a symbol of excellence of the city... don't miss the commemorative plaque dedicated to Albert Einstein at the end of the crossing!

Why chose to sleep in a castle in Lombardy instead of one of the cheap hostels in Milan?

dormire in castello Lombardia arredamento

Immerse yourself in the art and history of a castle, furnished and refreshed, visitable in its entirety... an unforgettable experience for both the young and old!

For more information, prices and bookings: Castel hostel Mina Della Scala

Guided tours of the castle: From the 1st of April to the 31st of Ottobre 2018, every Sunday and holiday, groups need to book in advance.

[photo credits: Castello Ostello Mina Della Scala]