Different things to see and do in Milan

Get to know different places in Milan without being the Duomo and the Galleries

Milan, known as the fashion capital, has a lot of entertainment during the year, where far from what is best known, the city hides some secret places. Want to know which ones?

If you are planning to go to Milan, you may find funny to go at least at one of the following unusual attractions:



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In Ripa di Porta Ticinese, at the number 43, in a long street next to the canal full of upscale restaurants, a tiny wooden bar stands discreetly. BackDoor 43 claims to be the smallest bar in the world and guests can book the space for two hours where for sure they will enjoy a lot.

The bar is only 13 square meters, including a bathroom. Here it seems that you are in a secret hidig place because it is required a secret key and password for entry. Most customers buy their drinks through the small slot window through which they can see the hands of the bartender and not much else.

Vertical Forest (Bosco Verticale)

Vertical Forest

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The vertical forest of Milan, which is in Porta Nuova, was inaugurated in 2014, comprising two residentials with 27-floors each filled with huge trees, shrubs and plants in all area.

The extensive vegetation offers to residents shade in the summer and sunlight filtered in the winter, plus cleaner air and reduced noise pollution. The buildings are also equipped with solar panels and a system of recycling. Thus, this is a sustainable project to revive Milan as well as the regeneration of the environment and biodiversity.

Romantic dinner at ATMosfera


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ATMosfera is an old tram that has been completely renovated to be a restaurant where you can have a great and nice dinner.

You know what's funny? It is that the tram slowly move around Milan, giving you the opportunity to have always a different view, admiring the most beautiful points of the city (Duomo, Porta Nuova, Piazza Gae Aulenti, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and much more) with a special night atmosphere. There are several itineraries in both directions, in which they vary periodically according to the road system.

The only tip we give is to book weeks in advance because the space is small and a lot of people want to go!


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The bronze ear

The bronze ear

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This sculpture is located in the neighborhood of the Silence Zone of Milan, in a building known as the "Ca 'de l'Oreggia" (Ear house), next to the main door. Made of bronze, it was installed in the mid-twenties with the function of intercommunication: a tube that connected the statue to the office of the head of the house, so that the visitors could announce their arrival in this giant ear of 70 cm in height.

Although this intercommunication is no longer in use, it has remained on the facade.



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A trip back in time to an alternative route that passes from one of the busiest and funniest places of the city, the Navigli, especially during the summer, spring and autumn.

The Navigli district is the quay area near Piazza XXIV di Maggio and the streets that run Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese.

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