Where to go in France during spring 2019?

The best places to enjoy spring in France

In the spring the sun comes back, the weather makes us dream of the sea, aperitifs on the terrace, spring walks, and, for the tougher among us, even a swim is possibile. We have selected our favorite places in the sunniest regions in spring in France where you are guaranteed to enjoy the good weather.

Located in the heart of the Bale des Anges, Nice is a must-see destination on the French Riviera. Stroll along the sea on the Promenade des Anglais under the many palm trees. After reaching the end of the walk, climb the steps of the castle hill to enjoy a magnificent panorama of the city and the Bale des Anges. On the hill you can admire a maze of paths offering many views of the city, the famous waterfall hidden in the woods and on the other side you can discover the port of Nice filled with luxury boats. Go back down the stairs towards the old town and let the charm of the narrow paved streets lined with ocher-colored houses enchant you. When you're hungry, taste the local specialties such as pissaladière or the famous Socca (made from chickpea flour), we recommend the Chez Pippo restaurant, where you can enjoy specialties in a family and friendly atmosphere. Don't miss Place Massena in the city center, where you can go for a stroll and go shopping or stop for a drink on the terrace to enjoy the spring temperatures.

Waterfall at Nice Castle Hill - credits @ alexandrinep44

If you're looking for accommodation we recommend the Antares hostel, located near the train station and the centre of the city.

Located north of Provence, the Gorge du Verdon is a must. It is the largest gorge in Europe. The turquoise water that runs through the mountains offers an exotic landscape reminiscent of the canyons of Mexico. Given the vastness of the site there are many places to discover for hikers on trails of varying difficulties. The Blanc Martel trail is the most well-known and allows you to discover the breathtaking heights of the gorges and admire the turquoise water running between the mountains. This hike will take you to an incrediible viewpoint from which to see the grandeur of the gorge. Sport lovers will find many activities to help them discover the gorges such as climbing, kayaking, canoeing and more. For the less sporty, we suggest relaxing at la sainte croix while enjoying the view on the turquoise lake. If you visit the area in spring, you can enjoy pleasant temperatures for walking and in along with the turquoise water you will see the flowery colors of spring, all while avoiding the great influx of tourism as in summer.

Verdon Gorge - credits @ nico.rando.alpes

We recommend Hotel Victoria in Darguignan (1 hour drive) to enjoy the site during the day.

The PACA region is very diverse in its landscapes and there are many things to do. To discover this region to the full we suggest travelling via train along the coast (check out the rail nework here).


Known for its wines, but the region also has a lot more to offer than drinks. Between the city of Bordeaux crossed by the Garonne, the endless expanses of sands along the ocean and the vineyards of Bordeaux ... there is so much to discover in the region in any season. For this spring we recommend the following 3 spots to enjoy the region in the sun.

Located in the Gironde, wine region par excellence is Bordeaux is the capital of wine and French vine. The city of wine with contemporary architecture near the banks of the Garonne is an excellent way to discover the cultural wealth of the region. Coming out of the city you can continue on the quays past the impressive Jacques Chaban Delmas bridge crossing the Garonne - so impressive that it won the international "outstanding projects" prize in 2014. Continue to stroll along the Garonne while making the most of the sun and you will see the water mirror of Place de la Bourse. This impressive liquid mirror is the most photographed place in Bordeaux, and with an area of ​​3450m² it is the largest water mirror in the world!

Many parks can be found in Bordeaux and during the spring you can admire the colorful gardens in bloom such as the Bordelais Park or the public garden in the heart of the city. Shopaholics will find happiness in the long St. Catherine street in the heart of the city. On the way, try tasting the canelés, a caramelized little cake flavored with rum and vanilla: a Bordeaux specialty. To end your day, take advantage of the extended daylight and go out for a drink on the terrace before partying in the most trendy bars and clubs in the city.

Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux - credits @quentin_hrv

If you want to stay in Bordeaux we recommend the Central Hostel in the heart of the city.

Located just 1 hour from the ocean and Arcachon Bay, Bordeaux is the perfect option for a day trip to the beach. Stroll along the stretch of sand in Lacanau and enjoy the sunset over an ice cream or pancakes on a terrace facing the horizon. Surf lovers can also go to Pyla sur mer. In addition to many small towns and seaside resorts, many cycle paths go through the region, passing through the pine forests and coastal beaches. We invite you to look on the website of the tourist office for more information on the different routs in the basin.

Arcachon Basin - credit @jcdepaire

For those in search of large expanse of sand, the Dune of Pilat should please you. If you don't know the French Sahara yet, go to the Teste de bunch. The highest dune in Europe offers you a magnificent panorama of the Arcachon basin and ocean. Located between the ocean and forest, the dune is in constant motion and moves about 1.5 m per year. Going early in the morning or evening allows you to enjoy the sunrise or sunset and admire the beautiful colors of the sky reflected on the ocean. If the climbing of the dune has tired you, go to Pilat Beach or Arcachon to have a drink or enjoy a good waffle facing the ocean. In the spring, strolling over the Arcachon basin is worth your while allowing you to enjoy the beaches and visit the small seaside towns (that will not be stormed by tourists!) and enjoy some milder temperatures.

Dune of Pilat - credits juliacasado1


Escape to the green plains and the mountain forests in Alsace. Lakes, rivers, steep trails ... but also great gastronomy are at your fingertipd! The Vosges Alsace is an ideal destination in the spring. You can discover its natural wealth during beautiful walks and enjoy gourmet specialties by strolling through authentic villages or discovering the great city of Strasbourg. For a spring holiday here are our 3 Alsatian favorite spots.

Strasbourg, a European capital that is a must-see destination in France! Go stroll through the old neighborhoods of fishermen and tanners. While strolling in the streets of the Petite France admire the charm of the half-timbered houses which are reflected in the water ... you'll be able to take some incredibile pictures! If there is a monument not to be missed in Strasbourg, it is the masterpiece of Gothic art in the city, the famous Notre-Dame cathedral. The cathedral has hundreds of sculptures and is different at any time of the day. The color of the sandstone of its facade changes according to the color of the sky. Standing at 142 meters high you can't miss it, and in the nineteenth century it stoof as the highest monument of Christendom. By climbing on the platform of the cathedral you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the city. The 360° view of the city stretches from the clear sky over the Vosges to the black forest in Germany.

Strasbourg - credits @mariecarolinee

Going through the capital of Flamenkuche (also known as flambé pie) you must try this culinary specialty of Alsace. Try the traditional pie flambé with cream, onions and bacon first, before tasting some different toppings such as au gratin with the famous cheese that is typical of the region. Of course, we suggest you visit some typical Alsatian restaurants for greater authenticity! We recommend the Schnockeloch traditional Alsatian restaurant which serves many specialties of the region or the Fignette known as "the bistro with Alsatian accent".

credits flickr @ Nicolas Winspeare

If you are going to Strasbourg for a weekend we recommend you to take the Strasbourg pass which gives you access to museums and historic buildings at great prices.

The most beautiful villages of France: located in the outskirts of Strasbourg, a multitude of typical small Alsatian villages are worth a visit. At about 1 hour drive, take a day yo extend your discovery of the Alsace region. Among the villages classified in "the most beautiful villages of France" is Eguisheim, a colorful medieval village with half-timbered houses and small paved streets, which will be even more beautiful in the spring. Riquewihr is also ranked among "the most beautiful villages in France" and we understand why. Located in the heart of the vineyard, the colorful walled city is very well preserved and the half-timbered houses are charming. A day will be enough to discover these beautiful villages.

Eguisheim - credit tambako the jaguar

Colmar is certainly one of the most instagrammable cities in France. The half-timbered houses overlooking the canals and flower-filled squares make it a very photogenic city. With the reflections on the water and the colorful houses along the canals, the city is a perfect subject for photos. The little Venice is a district not to be missed in Colmar. In spring the edge of the Lauch (river) will be covered with flowers... you can enjoy a magical atmosphere which makes the city all the more colorful. At just an hour away from Strasbourg, a day will be enough to stroll through the picturesque city by crossing the canals and discovering the historic center of the city. If you're hungry, the pretzel is the traditional salty pastry of the region.

Colmar - credits teapowered

There is so much to discover in France in any season! Feel free to use the booking form below to plan your next trip to France!