Where to celebrate Halloween

The Best Places to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is almost here and we want to celebrate it by being a little scared. If you have as much desire as we do to arrive on October 31, do not miss this entry!

Keep reading and you will discover the best places to spend this terrifying night. Which will you choose?


Bran, Transylvania

We couldn't start this list with another place. Transylvania is the ideal city to spend a terrifyingly perfect Halloween night. Bran Castle, who witnessed the macabre activities of Prince Vlad the Impaler, served Bram Stocker as inspiration to create his most famous novel, Dracula. Today, it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Romania, receiving more than 630,000 visitors each year.

Halloween - Rumanía (big)

Image by ARH (Flickr)


New Orleans

If New Orleans's most popular holiday is the colorful Mardi Grass, the second one is, without a doubt, Halloween, thanks to the city's rich history. The voodoo rituals of immigrants arriving to New Orleans make it the perfect place for the night of October 31. Among its terrifying charms, you will find a multitude of haunted houses and creepy cemeteries.

Halloween - Nueva Orleans (big)

Image by Pelican (Wikimedia)

Salem, Massachusetts

If Salem is known by anything, it is because of his witchcraft trials, a hunt that ended - and in a public way - with the lives of 26 people. Today, the city of Salem makes special tours through the most terrifying corners, as well as representations of judgments and hangings, bonfires, fireworks and parades, for the thousands of tourists who visit it every Halloween.

Halloween - Salem (big)

Image by Sam T (Flickr)

Sleepy Hollow, New York City

The Legend of the Headless Rider has its origins in this village of Mount Pleasant, in the popular New York City, in which Washington Irving was inspired. You don't need to wait until the last night of the month, throughout October, the place becomes the most creepy in the whole United States. Do not forget to visit the Philipsburg mansion, which at this time becomes the home of a multitude of ghosts, witches and vampires.

Halloween - Sleepy Hollow (big)

Image by Express Monorail (Flickr)



Did you think we were going to forget the place where Jack the Ripper was born? In London you can attend a hundred events related to this disturbing story. If you want to experience real terror, we recommend Dungeon, an interactive experience that confronts you face to face not only with Jack The Ripper, but also with Sweeney Todd.

Halloween - Londres (big)

Image by Sandra Mode (Unsplansh)



Londonderry - or simply Derry - organizes every year the largest Halloween party in Northern Ireland. And we're not just talking about October 31! Different activities are organized throughout the week, such as ghost stories nights, horror movie marathons or visits to the old ghost galleon.

Halloween - Derry (big)

Image by Leppre (Flickr)


Mexico City

Although in Mexico they don't celebrate Halloween but the Day of the Dead, we couldn't leave it off of our list! It is one of the most important celebrations in the country, in which thousands of people come to the cemeteries to bring flowers and food to their loved ones. Do not leave the city without visiting the islands of Lake Patzcuaro, populated by indigenous Purépechas, where the mist is the protagonist.

Halloween - Mexico (big)

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