Things to see near Catania

A travel in the East Sicily, to discover many beautiful destinations

If you're planning an on the road travel in Sicily, or you're thinking to go only for a weekend, this article, about the things to see near Catania, it will be for sure helpful for you.

When we visit a city we often don't think that around it, almost surely, there's something interesting to discover.

Infact, Catania, is like this: beautiful to visit, perfect to live two days between monuments and delicious food, but also curious and full of ideas, right outside the city centre.

Today, in this article, we're going to see the things to discover near Catania, small towns and villages to don't be missed, for a travel that will always remain in your heart.

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Aci Castello

If you love castles, this city close to Catania is a destination that you can't miss. Here, infact, there's a wonderful Norman Castle, overlooking the coast, which dates back to the end of 1000's.

Aci castello

The city has developed all around the castle, as usually happened back in time, after a strong Etna's eruption. The beach on where is situated the castle is in fact of lava origin.


The city of Caltagirone it's around an hour driving from Catania, but you can also reach it by the bus, To visit this city, probably, a day would not be enough, considering the wide amount of sides and intresting monuments, despite the strong earthquake of the 1693.


We suggest you, anyway, to do not miss: the Pottery Museum, very important for the history of the city, the Curch of San Pietro, the Curch of San Francesco di Paola, the Bridge of San Francesco, dating back to the 600's, the Cathedral of Caltagirone and the very famous Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte. You'll have to clink 142 steps, get ready, but it totally worth it!


A particular name, don't you think so? In fact, the city was originally a greek colony named Xiphonia, which with the advent of the Romans turned into Aquila. But to this city is related a legend, a story that involves pastors and cyclops.

aci reale

Arci was a farmer, son of Fauno and the nymph Simetide, who fell in love of Galatea. Unfortunately for him, also Polifemo was in love with her and when he found them together, he threw him on the walls of Etna. It wasn't a nice end, poor Arci.

Get lost between its narrow streets and admire the Baroque style that it spreads over all the buildings of the city. But don't forget to go to the Cathedral of San Sebastiano, before leaving.


On the northern slope of Etna lies the town of Randazzo, a Medieval village that, despite its proximity to the volcano, so far it has been spared by its powerful eruptions.

The city was divided in three neighborhoods, where spoken three different languages: greek, latin and lombard.


Randazzo is not devoid of museums, as the Civis Museum of Natural Science and the Archeological Museum Vagliasindi, but also the curches are majestic and all to be photographed.

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