A Complete Guide to the Nightlife of Mexico City


We've put together a selection of the best bars and clubs in CDMX so you can enjoy an incredible night on the town... get ready to party Mexican style!

Latin America is very special, as not only is it a place where hundreds of customs coexist due to the infinity of diverse cultures, but also because of the warm, friendly and trusting nature of the many different types of people that live here.

Paseo de la Reforma

Paseo de la Reforma, an iconic area in CDMX, photo credits: @miguel_kurz

Many claim that the tropical temperatures of the continent is the reason behind the formation of such a strong and secure social atmosphere. Although this is not so relevant to our article, it certainly does make a nice introduction to the theme. If Latin America signifies beach and sun, community and people, and happiness and joy, then it also means party and night!

Monument to the Revolution

The Monument to the Revolution, a must see in CDMX, photo credits: @miguel_kurz


In Mexico City there are a selection of different nightclubs and discos that all have their own different programmes. Some of them open around 11:00 pm, some at midnight, but by law they all close at 5:00 am.

First, we must discover the different nightlife areas of the capital:

1. Let's start with Polanco, an exclusive area of the city that has hundreds of options of many different varieties. If you are looking for a pre-drink location you could check out Limantour, but if you'd prefer to go straight to the club and dance the night away to electronic music, then we suggest heading to Jules Basement.

The Zócalo CDMX

The Zócalo at night in the center of CDMX, photo credits: @miguel_kurz

2. Another area that offers first-class dance venues is Roma-Condesa. This corner of the city has long been worshipped by foreigners who have actually ended up living here. If you want to start the night off somewhere a bit quieter then go to Gin Gin and have a bite to eat. If you want to take it up a notch then Bar Oriente is a good option where you can enjoy live music to accompany your drink.

3. Another slightly more alternative / bohemiam option is the Juárez neighbourhood, or Zona Rosa. Here you'll find grand, swanky establishments hosting hundreds of young people looking for different spaces to party every night. Hanky Panky offers quality drinks and great service, but if you really want to push the boat out go to Versailles 64 - a proper nightclub!

One of the many corners of Condesa

One of the many corners of Condesa, photo credits: @amaurybarmach

If you ever find yourself lost or in need of some direction to where the next party is you can ask literally anyone "Dónde es la peda hoy?" which translates as "Where is the party today?". More often than not, they will definitely know what to tell you, so don't be afraid to speak the local lingo! However, you must be aware that Mexico City is huge and parties can be found all over the place... then again, nothing an uber can't solve!


Before the night starts, you'll need to be sure you have somewhere to crash afterwards! Downtown Beds is a beautiful hostel located right in the heart of Mexico City. It even has its own cinema screen, swimming pool and terrace bar! The exact address is Isabel La Católica 30.

Downtown Beds

Common room in Downtown Beds

So now accommodation is sorted and you've got to know the different areas, we will present to you all the best places to go for a party in Mexico City! The list below really does have something for everyone, and all of these places are located very close to one another in the downtown ring of the city in several different neighbourhoods, just in case you change your mind at any point of the evening!

Without further ado, here is our guide to the best clubs in Mexico City, each of them accompanied with a slightly 'lighter option' that might just be the perfect place for you!

1. Sens

Sens Nightclub is a bit far from the big city, but nothing that an uber or a friend with a car can't fix! In only 30 minutes you can reach this area, and you can find the club behind great doors located in Lomas de las Lomas, Paseo de los Tamarindos 90. Although this club is considered a bit 'fresa' (Spanish slang for preppy / stuck-up) by the locals, it definitely deserves a mention in the list of the best clubs in Ciudad de Mexico.

Sens Nightclub Mexico City

Sens Nightclub, photo credits: @sensmexico

Boasting high quality sound systems, elegant interior and excellent service, this very chic CDMX club has managed to constantly raise its standards for the past 9 years. It's audience is usually made up of young adults, and we suggest reserving your place on a table or guestlist beforehand to avoid being denied entry. Although this club hosts an amazing party, it is also known for its very selective and exclusive entry policy, as well as its 'salty' prices which have been criticised in several reviews online.

It's your decision... does this party seem up your street? A famous and elitist club, but at the same time it guarantees a night of pure entertainment in one of the most exclusive areas of the city. Where music is concerned, the reviews speak for themselves... "Good music" and "I loved the music" are among the most repeated phrases, but really it's up to you to go and find out for yourself!

Terraza Regina - lighter option

Terraza Regina

Terraza Regina, photo credits: @reginaterraza/amorporlamúsicaelectrónica (Facebook)

For those who prefer a slightly less crazy night, here is a lighter option. Terraza is one of the best clubs in Mexico City where you can listen to electronic music, as both local and international DJs perform here every weekend. Whether you're a fan of electronic music or not, this lively corner of the historic center hosts a crazy party on the weekend, located at Regina 58.

2. República

República Mexico City

República, photo credits: @RepublicaDelDistritoClubPolanco (Facebook)

The area of Polanco is home to one of the best clubs in the capital today. The people you'll find here range from between 25-30 years, but whatever your age may be, this club ensures "una buena peda" (a good party in Mexican slang). The entry process can be quite tricky, but trust us, it's well worth it once you get inside!

The crazy shots at the bar are one of the first things young people attempt upon arrival, so be sure to get involved before you hit the dancefloor! Although some people complain that the club fills up too quickly, others claim that República is one of the best places to 'flirt'... no explanation necessary! Avenida Presidente Masaryk 407 is where it's at.

Scotch - lighter option


Scotch, photo credits: @scotchpolanco

Scotch is a fancy, high-class lounge bar. It is difficult to enter, but surprisingly not due to rude security guards, but instead because of the actual entrance! You have to go through a narrow alley and enter through the back door of the building. Found in Julio Verne 102, it's super recommended as a great place to start your night out.

On this occasion, we recommend the CDMX Hostel Art Gallery in the Cuauhtemoc neighbourhood, more precisely on the iconic Avenida Paseo de la Reforma 169. Not only offering wifi, breakfast and parking, it also has its own beautiful terrace where you can enjoy a few drinks before hitting the town.

3. Patrick Miller

Located in Mérida 17, There really is no expense spared with regards to the decor of Patrick Miller, as it really does pull out all the stops in order to create the perfect atmosphere. What's more, in terms of music you will hear a little bit of everything, making it the perfect location for all types of party animals. Located in the center of Roma Norte, this club has a special quality that makes it stand out from the other dozens of Mexican clubs in the area. Yes, we are talking about the famous 'retro nights'.

Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller dancefloor, photo credits: @PatrickMiller

These 'retro nights' consist of crowds of people turning up wearing vintage clothing, from long pants and large shirts to those iconic 80s heels. The same goes for the music, as it leaps back in time and plays old classics that everyone can sing along to. You may even forget you're in 2019 all together as this unique experience brings you a Friday evening filled with nostalgia and joy. Try to get here on time because the queue can get quite long... not ideal for all those restless 80s fans!

Apotheke - lighter option

Apotheke, meaning pharmacy in German, is named as such simply due to the myth that those who drink the sophisticated drinks here will be cured of evil! This is based on a pre-existing concept which first began in New York but can now be found in most major cities. It's said that the entry price used to be very high for a long time, but today it has been lowered.


Apotheke, photo credits: @APTKMX (Facebook)

Alcohol isn't the only option (although we certainly wouldn't complain otherwise)! You can also get a bite to eat if you're hungry as there is a cold food bar with many delicacies ready to be eaten. Don't forget that on Saturdays the party actually begins with a kind of informal dinner which starts from around 1:00. Apotheke is found in Durango 205, in the same area as Patrick Miller.

Located in Chiapas 173, Roomies Hostel Condesa is well-known for its modern interior. If you are travelling during summer then this place is ideal as it has a patio complete with an outdoor dining area, a terrace and a garden.

4. AM Local

If you are a big fan of electronic music, then this club is 100% the place for you. The DJ sets that take place here really do represent the best of CDMX nightlife, as the club has hosted renowned international DJs from the underground scene such as Jay West, Ivan Smagghe or Troy Pierce.

AM Local

AM Local, photo credits: @localam (Facebook)

The club is enormous as it boasts three different levels. The second level is where the action is, and by this we mean the dancefloor! Here you will find colourful tables, ceiling and walls covered in LED light effects that, combined with the top quality sound system, offers an experience unlike any other.

It's a very well-established club that is filled with people from all over Mexico City every Wednesday night. Head to 67 Nuevo León street, La Condesa.

U.T.A Bar - lighter option

U.T.A Bar

U.T.A Bar, photo credits: @utabar

Write 'Donceles 56' into your google maps to get to this very unique, graffiti-covered bar, where beer is sold for unbelievably low prices and where dancing continues until the early hours of the morning. This place offers an insight into one of the most alternative Mexican night spots in the city.

This time you don't need to dress up a lot as it has a much more chilled out atmosphere. Leave the glitz and glamour behind as appearance doesn't matter... what does matter however is that you prepare yourself for a long night of dancing and shaking those hips!

5. La Santa

From U.T.A we move onto the complete opposite - La Santa. With its giant speakers, incredible music and flashing lights, this nightclub is comparable to the superclubs of Las Vegas. At midnight, luxury vehicles pull up outside the doors as gorgeous models arrive dressed up to the nines, along with men in fine black suits.

La Santa

La Santa, photo credits: @LaSantaMasarykMx (Facebook)

To avoid the long queues try to sign up to a list in advance, as once you're inside it's heaven on earth. The armchairs, for example, are made with waterproof material to stop drink stains and you can even get up and dance on them!

The highlight is the champagne parade, as when you order a bottle it comes complete with its own firework display, and even sometimes with a girl who pops out of a large cake! Unforgettable is the word to use for this place, as we can assure you will never forget your experience in one of the best clubs in Mexico City.

La Santa party

La Santa, photo credits: @LaSantaMasarykMx (Facebook)

Artic Bar - lighter option

Yes, you read it right. Your lighter and quiet option is in a frozen space made up entirely of pure ice. This bar is the perfect mid-way option for a night out, as it plays electronic music, but you can also enjoy a drink at the bar quite peacefully.

Artic Bar

Artic Bar, photo credits: @articbarmx

This bar challenges its guests to spend more than 15 minutes drinking their drink. We recommend the house specialty, tequila! Artic is located in the Condesa area, in Nuevo León 73.

The Foodie Hostel, our next hostel recommendation, is found in the historic center at Independencia 40. Just judging by the photos, the comfort and quality of this place is apparent. Its bedrooms, entrance and common areas are all very well maintained.

6. Janis Palmas

Janis is a classic and exclusive nightclub in the zone of Lomas de Chapultepec. From Wednesday to Saturday you can spend a great night in a place where 'janis shots' are served on a guitar. A combination of gin, chambord and red fruits... the perfect flavours for a Mexican night!

Janis Palmas

Janis Palmas, photo credits: @janispalmas

Once inside, don't forget to take a selfie with the famous neon signs, and also take advantage of the grand mirror and red armchairs made up of vintage-style fabrics. The prices here are important to note as a bottle can cost between 1200 - 2800 Mexican pesos!

We recommend reserving a table, wearing good attire and having a 'presentable' appearance upon entering since security guards are somewhat selective here. The place is located on Paseo de las Palmas 555.

Janis Palmas

Janis Palmas, photo credits: @janispalmas

Pata Negra - lighter option

Pata Negra

The drinks at Pata Negra are an experience in themselves, photo credits: @patanegra_mx

This diverse club in Mexico City hosts hundreds of Americans every night. On Saturdays there are live bands that take over with their local sounds, and during the week the music is more focused on a mix of Jazz, Funk and Salsa beats.

Pata Negra can be a bit hit or miss. Some nights are exciting and entertaining, whereas other nights could risk being a little less lively. The good thing is that there is always a big crowd here so it's a great place to get to know the locals. You'll blend in no problem at Niagara River 43!


If this has left you a bit spoilt for choice and unsure about where you should go in Mexico City, here is a small summary of the above according to personal preference:

- If you like high-end places, head to Polanco

- If you are looking for a low-cost night, Condesa is your best bet (Tamaulipas Avenue)

- If you want a bohemiam vibe, Roma Norte is the zone for you

- If you are feeling dinner and drinks in a slightly quieter place, go to Cauhtémoc

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