The Best Hostels for female solo-travellers


Here are the most suitable hostels for female guests! If you are a female solo-traveler then we have the perfect hostels for you!

If you are a solo female traveller then we can understand that you may be apprehensive about staying in a hostel, but we cant tell assure you that you don't have to worry! Many hostels provide all-female dorms, and some hostels are even completely female-only, which are perfect if you require such specifications for religious or personal reasons. Of course, it is also completely safe to sleep in a mixed dorm if you are a solo-female traveller, and we can recommend the experience as much as our female dorms :) So let's begin!

Hostels PLus Florence and Plus Prague: great for female solo travellers

Let’s kick off in Florence where you will find the best Italian hostel in terms of value for money: the Plus Florence Hostel is located in Florence's historical centre and can be considered a 5-star hostel. Why is that? Well, among the facilities provided are a swimming pool, sauna, Turkish baths, Wi-Fi, fitness area and a typically Italian menu à la carte restaurant. The Hostel Plus Florence has reserved a whole floor just for their female guests! This exclusive area is called Plus Girls Only and comes with many extra comforts: spacious bathrooms, beach towels, toiletry kits and hairdryers. Beds start at 16€.

Plus Florence Hostel

Plus Florence belongs to a chain widespread throughout Europe, therefore the exact same facilities and service quality are offered also in their sister hostel Plus Prague. This luxury hostel in Prague can be booked starting from only 11€ per night. Oh, and by the way, it has a massive indoor pool and sauna!

Plus Prague

London Hostels: perfect for the female solo traveller

Via Limehouse is the located in central London, and is perfect for any female solo traveller, especially if you are into the cultural hotspot of the East End. This Hostel boasts lounge rooms and a TV area, along with luggage storage rooms, free wifi and a relaxed outdoor chill-out zone! Dorms in all-female rooms start at 23€ per night, which is an incredibly low price for London!

Via Limehouse

Amsterdam Hostels: Ecomama is perfect for any girls who want to help save the environment

Ecomama Amsterdam is an awesome design hotel that offers a Ladies-only dorm which is in multiple shades of pink and comes with free girly goodies. The Hostel is all about living in a sustainable way, so the private rooms and dorms are all designed in a funky eco style!

Ecomama Hostel

The perfect Madrid Hostel for girls: Cat's Chillout Hostel

Let’s fly now to Madrid, the Spanish capital is the ideal place to celebrate Women’s Day with your friends! Tapas, shopping, museums and after all that, head to the Cat's Chill Out hostel, one of Europe’s best hostels. The hostel is located within an 18th-century palace featuring a beautiful internal patio, is located in a lively district which is in the perfect place to make the most out of Madrid’s Movida! Cat's hostel offers 10-bed female dorms at a rate of 20per night.

Cats Chill our Hostel

Female dorm rooms in Paris: The Village Hostel

The last stop of this only female hostels tour in Paris. It’s common knowledge that Paris is a much-loved city by girls in particular, even more so if you can stay in a high-quality hostel just a few steps away from Montmartre, with a view on Sacre Coeur! The Village Hostel is a must-stay hostel for whoever wants a hassle-free visit of Paris: central location, coffee place open till 2 am, common room for socialising with other young backpackers, fully equipped common kitchen, free breakfast and private bathroom in all rooms. A bed in a female dormitory starts from 36€.

Le Village Hostel

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