Nine Reasons To Make You Love Taiwan


Changing everything you think you know about Taiwan

As soon as some people hear Taiwan, their first reaction is “is it somewhere close to China?” or they associate Taiwan with Thailand because of their similar pronunciations. After a while, even Taiwanese got used to hearing these misleading impressions from foreigners.  Today we will broaden your horizons by introducing you nine information you do not know about Taiwan. After appreciating this article, your first impression of Taiwan is going to be totally changed.

Taiwan (big)


1. High Density of Convenience Store 

Have you ever encountered the situation where you feel so hungry after midnight, but no shops are open for you. Once you travel to Taiwan, you do not have such a concern anymore. Taiwan has the highest density of convenience store in the world, and they all open for 24 hours. Additionally, you can get everything you need in the convenience store. If you need to print something or need some hot water to cook your instant noodles after starvation for some hours? Head for the convenience store around the corner 2 minute on foot! 

Convenience Store (big)

24 hours Convenience Store

2. Night Market Culture

As you think of the night market somewhere in the world, you might imagine it must be somewhere with a few vendors and expensive products. However, Taiwanese night market will change your perspective. In terms of scale, there are at least hundreds of vendors in one and you can participate in various and diverse activities inclusive of devouring many Taiwanese delicacies, playing games, buying some interesting local souvenirs and so on.    

Night Market (big)

Night Market

If you think the price of products are costly, you are totally wrong. It is a place where every Taiwanese goes; therefore, the price is relatively cheaper than other places in the world, but it is still suggested that you bargain with the salesperson so as to acquire the most reasonable price. 

3. Taiwanese Snacks

There is one stimulating and unexpected smell spreading in the air, which is extremely intolerable. Even you try to avoid that with the mask, but it still penetrates through it and rushes to your nose. If you notice that smell, it means you come to the right place. Hurry up to buy the “stinky tofu”! It is the most typical Taiwanese snack that you must give it a shot as you travel to Taiwan. If not, it is equivalent that you have never visited.

 Stinky tofu (big)

Stinky tofu 

Except for stinky tofu, there are much more Taiwanese snacks than you expected, such as bubble tea, blood pudding and so on. Taiwanese snacks are so diverse that we just can name a few. After some foreigners visit Taiwan, they begin to compliment Taiwan as “Food Paradise.”

Bubble tea (big)  

Bubble Tea

4. Nature

It is indeed that Taiwan is small but you will be overwhelmed by its plentiful sceneries and nature. No matter what your habit is, either you prefer going hiking and taking in the stunning mountain view or enjoying the sunbath in the beach and playing various sea activities, Taiwan can live up to your expectations. 

Those who like taking adventure in the mountain must not miss the most famous national park, which is called “Alishan.” It is a national park that features its mountain with high altitude which is suitable for hikers. Furthermore, the Cypress, which is one special tree formed thousands of years ago, will take your breath away and the phytoncide emitted by the cypress can make you in a stress-free mood. 

Alishan (big)

Forest Train in Alishan

The sunshine, volleyball, and swimming are something you can find in "Kenting Beach" Aside from these characteristics, you can also take part in some sea activities, such as banana boat, jet ski, snorkeling, parasailing and so on in this beach.

Kenting (big)    


5. Metropolis Life

In addition to immersing yourself in nature, the colorful urban life is also suitable for travelers who are eager to search for crazy nightlife, appreciate the spectacular skyscraper, and enjoy the convenience the big city brings to you. Thinking of the most famous landmark in the entire Taiwan, the first thing flashes through your mind must be Taipei 101.

Taipei 101 (big)

Taipei 101

However, what Taipei this big city is different from the other is its mix with modernity and tradition. There are some conventional buildings surrounded around the towering and advanced skyscrapers, such as Lungshan Temple, which the traveler can fetch the incense around the front gate and worship in front of the statue to make a wish, and Daduocheng, which is the best fit for the traveler to watch the traditional Taiwanese performance. It is just one side of Taiwan’s city life and there are much more waiting for your exploration. 

Lungshan Temple (big)

Lungshan Temple

6. National Palace Museum

If you are the one who is interested in traditional culture and history, the National Palace Museum is an extremely famous attraction you must not miss. It is abundant with uncountable ancient Chinese artifacts which encompass 8000 years of history, you will be impressed by its cultural diversity once you enter from its gorgeous and well-decorated gate. Besides, for those who would like to purchase some one of a kind souvenirs, the gift shop inside can meet all your needs. 

national palace museum taipei (big)

National Palace Museum in Taipei


7. Aboriginal Culture

Lots of foreigners do not know there is the existence of aborigines in Taiwan. Their innate optimism can be observed from their singing, dancing, and food culture. As you pay a visit to their tribes, their optimism to life is contagious, which will magically drive your sadness away. If you are the one who is crazy about the life in the wilderness, you can even join their hunting activity to hunt for some wild boars or flying squirrels. This experience must be worthwhile in your entire life.

Taiwan aborigine (big)

Taiwanese aborigine


8. Diversity of Fruit

Mango, banana, watermelon and so on, are they all the fruit you know about? Well, Taiwanese fruit is going to open your eyes. Thanks to the exceptional planting skill from intelligent Taiwanese farmers, Taiwan not only has the common fruit you can buy on a daily basis, but they also have lots of rare fruit that you have never heard about, such as dragon fruit, sugar apple, wax apple, and so on, which you can grab them all in Taiwan. With such a huge diversity of fruit, Taiwan is also named by travelers, “Kingdom of Fruit.”

Dragon fruit (big)

Dragon Fruit

Sugar Apple (big)

Sugar Apple


9. Kindness of Taiwanese

Everyone must have experienced losing direction somewhere in the city or having no idea whether you are on the right path to somewhere. At this moment, you must feel extremely anxious and frantic. No worries! You can ask Taiwanese for help even with language barrier and they will go all out to assist you. According to the poll from foreigners who have been to Taiwan, they compliment that “the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is not nature but the kindness of Taiwanese.” Hence, keep in mind that do not feel shy to ask Taiwanese for assistance as soon as you come across any problems! Once you summon up your courage to do that, you might coincidentally become friends with the passerby.

Kind Taiwanese (big)

Credits @Chieh Ping To


After reading this article, does it trigger your interest to visit Taiwan or does it widen your horizons? Taiwan is rich in much more things than this entire article can introduce. Travelling and practicing are more beneficial than reading! Hurry up to book your accommodation with the link below and fly to Taiwan~ 


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