Marocco is a perfect destination for surf lovers, with so many waves waiting to be surfed, from late Autumn all the way to March. 

We won't just share with you the best beaches where to surf; we will go beyond this and suggest you which are the best surf hostels in Morocco!

Chill In Taghazout

A nice little house on the beach, where the first feeling coming to your mind when waking up in the morning in simply "Relax". 

Chili in Taghazout

Chill In Taghazout provides private rooms and shared dormitories but only up to 4 beds. 

This hostel is located on Taghazout Bay, renowned as one of Africa's best places where to surf.  

Blue Waves Surf House (Tamraght)

The hostel owners are actually surfers sharing their passion for surfing with all their guests.

Blue Waves Surf House T

Surely, they will help you discover the most hidden and most beautiful spots for surfing!

Blue Waves Surf House is located 14km from Agadir and 3km from Taghazout, which are both 2 very popular surf destination.  

Sunset Surfhouse

Its name says it all, that's for sure. In this hostel, you can book surf lessons and rent the equipment. 

Sunset Surfhouse

Guests will find a wide choice of rooms in a prime location, a short distance to Agadir. 

Blue Waves Surf House (Anza) 

If you are looking for a breathtaking landscape and postcard style sunsets, this is THE hostel. 

Blue Waves Surf House Anza

Blue Waves Surf House in Anza was born as a surfer paradise … and it actually is! 

Guests can book surf lessons and excursions. 

Essaouira Youth Hostel & Social Travel 

Last but not least, Essaouira Youth Hostel & Social Travel, is a hostel with comfortable beds and several communal areas. 

Essaouira Youth Hostel

If you a looking for a hostel where to have fun and party after a day spent surfing, this is the right place.