Saranda: making the most out of one of Albania's most beautiful cities

Tips on what to see in Saranda and where to find low-cost accommodation

Close to the border of Greece, we can find this Albanian city: Saranda, also known as Santi Quaranta in Italian.

From its shores, which if looked at from the sea dazzle the eyes due to the city's white buildings, you can see the island of Corfù in the distance.

It is certainly not a remote city in Albania, but one of the most popular seaside destinations for tourists, and it really has a lot to offer.

Saranda port

What to see in Saranda: The monastery of 40 Saints

One of the first sights that we would reccomend can be found in the eastern part of the city: the ruins of the monastery of 40 saints.

This mystical place presents a full 40 rooms, one for each of the martyrs. Yes, because the monastery is dedicated to a group of soldiers of God, who were killed in near Sebaste, by Armanians that had no intention in converting to Christanity.

You can also visit the Crypt, but only after having requested permission from the City Hall.

Mirror Beach

The name tells you everything: this is absolutely the most beautiful city on the entire rivieria and for this reason it is very well known. Don't worry though, because you won't find the hordes of tourists as you may think, as for the moment the beach is not well equipped and does not offer the comfort that other nearby beaches have to offer. This is an advatage for you backpackers, as you know how to adapt yourselves easily!

Mirror Beach

Lekuresi Castle

Situated at the top of a hill that characterizes the city of Saranda, the castle of Lekuresi stands proud. From here, needless to say, you can admire the 360 degree view of the city and the nearby island of Corfù.

Alhough it has been renovated in a modern style, it has not lost its 16th century charm. The complex was built the Sultan Suleymani to defend the coasts from enemy attacks, athough today it houses a resturant.

Lekuresi Castle

The ruins of the synagogue

Right in the centre of the city, Sarada contains the ruins of an ancient syngogue. Despite the years that have gone by, you are still able to see some of the mosaics on the floor, requested by the Jewish community that built the synagogue.

Low-cost places to sleep in Saranda

As we have said, Saranda is is one of the most touristy areas and the majority of the accomodation is three star hotels or more. We have, however, been able to find a really nice hostel: Hairy Lemon .

Hairy Lemon Hostel in Sarande

The hostel is located right in the center and was built inside of an old apartment, so you can't say that you won't feel at home!

In addition, with the membership card, you can have a 10% discount on the first two nights stay.
So, are we going to book this weekend in Saranda?!