How to live as a digital nomad


Introducing James Clark, travel blogger of Nomadic Notes

James Clark is a talented travel blogger and his story is really an inspiration for all of us who love to travel. In 2003 he left his job in Dublin and decided to become a so called "digital nomad". He gives us an example on how to leave a boring office job behind and start a new life with a different worldwide career.

We decided to interview James and find out more about what being a digital nomad means.

James Clark is a talented travel blogger
  1. Can you briefly introduce yourself and your Nomadic Notes to our readers? We'd like to know more about the genesis of your website?

    Hi, I’m James Clark and I can be found online at I began a life of work and travel over 10 years ago and Nomadic Notes is about my work and travel life. It has been a great way to meet others along the way as well.

  2. What is the first trip you remember taking and how old were you? Were you bitten by the travel bug immediately or did that happen as the years went by?

    I have a blur of memories of family road trips to Queensland when I was young. Driving from southern NSW these trips would take 2-3 days of driving (this was in the days before low cost flights). My first trip overseas was when I was 23 years old. I went to Hawaii for a week and I mark that trip as when I contracted the travel bug.

  3. You are currently living... where? And what's your current home like?

    I’m currently in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I have been using the city as a home base for the past year for when I am not on the road. At the moment I am renting a short term studio apartment in District 1, close to lots of great places to eat.

    Munirensay Pagoda in Can Tho, Vietnam

  4. Everybody has a bucket list, especially a travel blogger like yourself. What's on that list for 2014?

    I have a list of new countries I want to visit in 2014 (to be confirmed), and also to continue to grow my travel media business.

  5. Often a big misconception of long term traveling such as yours is that it's one big holiday, when I suppose the truth is there are a lot of hard moments. Tell us about one particular moment that sticks in your mind where things got a bit overwhelming for you during your travels?

    I love being able to travel but I do remind people that I work more hours than when I was in a salaried job. The overwhelming aspect is usually when I have been on the road too long and not getting anything done, so in those times I know it is time to slow down.

    For a real nomad a train can be a good office

  6. Favorite foreign word and why?

    When I was living in Ireland I become fond of using the word craic. The word doesn’t have an English translation but it is used as a greeting: "how’s the craic?” a way of asking what is going on “what’s the craic?” or a way to describe a good time out: “that was great craic”.

  7. What has been your most successful blog post to date and what was it about?

    My post on celebrating ten years as a digital nomad was the most popular to date. I left my job and began working for myself while I was in Europe. I didn’t know at the time that I was going to be doing this for so long, but that is how it worked out.

  8. The silliest thing you've ever done while traveling?

    I was travelling from Hungary to Romania on the train and I didn’t realise that Australians needed a visa to go to Romania (this was just months before Romania joined the EU). I got to the border and was denied entry, then driven back to a lonely border post miles from the nearest town.

    Urban cows in Jaipur, India

  9. What keeps you going? What keeps you motivated?

    Running a business I enjoy doing certainly keeps me motivated. When I have days where I don’t feel so motivated I just remember how unsatisfied I was with my work life before I started my own business.

  10. What one piece of wisdom/advice would you share with our readers from your travel memories, experience or just personal thoughts?

    Long term travel has been a life changing for me and If you are dreaming about going on long term travels then put everything you can into making it happen.

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