Five tips to enjoy the best Kraków nightlife

Make sure you make the most of the nightlife in Kraków by following our 5 top tips!

There’s an urban legend that Kraków, Poland, has the highest density of bars in the world. And it’s probably true!!

The ancient Polish city is filled to the brim with bars, clubs, and cafes, and with a vibrant student population and hoards of young tourists visiting each year, you are sure to have an explosive time when you visit the city! We’ve already told you what to see during a perfect weekend on a budget, but what about the nightlife? To make sure you don’t end up paying too much for your dinner and drinks or missing the party, we have 5 tips to make sure you enjoy the nightlife to the full, so you can have a good time until the sun comes up!

1. Don’t start too early

Don't let the party started too early!

This is a common mistake made by tourists visiting the area. Restaurants start to fill up around 8 pm, and are packed by 10 pm (so you might want to book first, especially during the summer months!). With dinner starting so late, you don’t even want to think about heading towards the bars or clubs until later on! Try to take on the pace of the locals to make sure you always go with the flow so that you can enjoy the best company the city has to offer.

2. Cash is King

No polish złoty, no party!

Most clubs and bars accept cash rather than card. It’s also the easiest way to pay when your in a crowded bar or club. Make sure you have enough cash on you to last the night, and only keep a card on you for emergencies. Talking of cash, don’t exchange your money in the Bureaux de Change in the centre of town, but use an ATM or cash machine as this will be much cheaper.

3. Join a Pub Crawl

You can enjoy a wide variety of drinks in Kraków!

The number of bars and clubs can be pretty daunting, especially as there are so many to choose from, let alone working out (especially after a few drinks) how to get from one to another! The best way to take the responsibility off your shoulders is to take part in a Pub or Bar Crawl (like The Pillows Party Hostel organise), so you can avoid the tourist traps and make some friends along the way! But, if you're feeling brave, check out our guide to the 6 best local bars and clubs in Kraków and see if you can go it alone!

4. Stick to the Old Town Area

The Old Town areas has all the best bars and clubs!

The central Old Town area has the highest density of bars and clubs in the whole city (and we mean you can stumble out of one and fall into another kinda density). If you are travelling to Kraków for the nightlife scene, make sure you stay as close to here as possible. Luckily for you, we have a ton of hostels located right in the centre, and many of them boast a 24H reception such as the Pink Panther Hostel, so you don’t need to worry about what time you get home!

5. Pay attention to the Seasons

During winter Krakow is freezing cold!

Being a polish city, you can expect Kraków to be cold in the winter. But with temperatures going frequently into the minuses during the colder months, the famous alcohol jacket might not be quite enough, so make sure you wrap up warm! Also, remember that the student population often return home over the summer and many tourists take over the city, giving a different vibe to the nightlife scene. You will always have a great time in Kraków, but have a good think about when you want to go, as it can be a completely different experience!

Feel inspired? Ready to try the extra strong Polish beer or dance in one of the underground cellar nightclubs? Then check out our wide range of hostels and hotels in Kraków, and get some good sleep before you set off, you're going to need it!