Discovering Malta… onshore and off


If sun, sea, beaches and boat parties sounds like the perfect holiday get-away, the sunny island of Malta is the ultimate destination for you.

It’s prime-time to take a trip to the island of Malta this year, as it plays host to over 400 spectacular cultural events as thousands of local and international artists, designers and performers pop up on every street corner and in every square.

The island is famously described as an open-air museum, rich in historical architecture and host to three UNESCO World Heritage sites. Valletta being one of these, the striking fortress capital city is home to some of Europe’s first-rate baroque architecture and works of art, making it the most robust historic area in the world.

Malta Marina

Lose the way amidst the winding, narrow streets of the ancient town, where Baroque palaces and Renaissance cathedrals effortlessly fall in line with the many cafés and shops that fill the piazzas. If you are a keen culture-seeker, the spectacular Beheading of St. John at the St. John’s Co-Cathedral is a must-see.

Valletta Backstreets

What’s more, recently revealed to be the sunniest city in Europe, Valletta is the perfect destination for those in search of hot climates all year-round. Relax under those rays in one of Valletta’s beautiful gardens, namely the popular Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens or the Hastings Gardens.

Barakka Gardens Malta

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If you are more of a beach person, from water-sports enthusiasts to those who want to chill-out with a good book and a cocktail, Malta has beaches for everyone. Popular beaches include Mellieħa Bay and Golden Bay, but for somewhere far from the crowd it’s best to head to the tip of Malta, where Paradise Bay and Armier are perfect spots for some chilled R&R.

Valletta Marina Malta

The outstanding architecture, sandy beaches and crystal clear water provide a glittering backdrop to enjoy the rustic cuisine and Maltese delicacies available. Act like a local and try the Ħobż biż-żejt, where sliced Maltese bread seasoned with oil, tomato, salt and pepper is perfect for a light lunch. Guilty savoury snacks include Pastizzi and Arancini, and if you have more of a sweet-tooth, try the honey-covered Qagħaq tal-għasel or Sicilian-inspired Kannoli to satisfy those tastebuds.

Kannoli Malta

Looking for a place to stay? Malta's impressive hostel selection has something for everyone, from the chic and sleek traveller to those on the look-out for a more chilled-out atmosphere. Head to Hostel Malti if Terrace BBQs and Mojito's in Jacuzzis sounds like your style. For a more artsy and authentic vibe, the eco-friendly Hostel Jones boasts an impressive display of designs and murals by young local artists. For more inspiration, have a browse through our complete guide to Hostels in Malta.

Hostel Jones, Malta

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While the Mediterranean city bustles by day, the atmosphere does not die down after dark. In fact, in recent years Malta has become a popular destination for party-goers around the world. For those in search of beach parties, poolside discos and dancing till dawn, the Island boasts appearances from high-profile names like Tiesto, Disclosure, Whiz Khalifa and Black Eyed Peas, performing at internationally acclaimed music festivals such as Annie Mac’s Lost & Found and the Isle of MTV live music event.

Lost and Found, Malta

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For the ultimate Maltese nightlife experience, the famous Lazy Pirate Boat Party is not one to miss out on.

lazy pirate boat is the best party when discovering malta

With a combination of over 200 fun-seekers, an Open Bar and moonlight swims, this crazy party boat makes for an unforgettable night, ending up in Malta’s ultimate nightlife spot Paceville, where restaurants, bars and nightclubs flood the streets.

discovering malta with the amazing boat trip by lazy pirate

From ancient caves to all-night raves, book your trip now and discover Malta today!

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