If you've ever wanted to visit London, now is the time, as it’s cheaper than ever thanks to Brexit. London has become a great travel bargain since the EU referendum. With the pound sliding against the dollar, the UK capital is growing in popularity with budget travellers. 


Image by Pedro Szekely (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Since the EU vote, the British pound has fallen by around 11% against the US dollar and 10% against the euro, meaning budget travellers can make their cash go much further.

Currently, it will only cost $1.23 to get one pound. That's good news for travellers looking to visit London this year. From trying street food in Brick Lane to pub crawls in Camden Town, you can now enjoy London on a shoestring budget. 

What does Brexit mean for travellers planning a trip to London?

London Brexit

Image by Travis Leech (Flickr/Creative Commons)

It means that your holiday budget is much cheaper, as you can get better value on currency exchanges – great news for anyone planning to visit London as a backpacker. 

Everything from flights, hostels, food, shopping and other items are going to be far less expensive. After Brexit, your holiday money will go much further, so you’ll have more left over for eating out and tourist attractions. 

Will London’s attractions be less expensive to visit?

Yes, especially if you’re from the US or Canada. EU citizens will also find London attractions significantly cheaper than before. Everything from the London Eye, Houses of Parliament to Buckingham Palace will be proportionally better value as the dollar and euro have both climbed against the once mighty sterling. 

What’s new in London?

London Design Museum

Image by Gravity Road

London’s Design Museum is the world’s leading museum of contemporary design and architecture. Opening its doors last November, the £83m refurbished building is aesthetically stunning and the entrance to the museum and the permanent collection is free.

Tate Modern

Image by Tate Modern 

The Tate Modern’s new pyramid tower boasts panoramic views of London and has been declared one of the UK's most important new buildings since the British Library. The new building aims to redefine the museum of the twenty first century. More than half of the solo displays are dedicated to female artists.

Where to stay in London?

Fancy a night in a central London hostel? It's cheaper than last year, and you've Brexit to thank for that. If you're looking for a bargain, then check out where you can stay for under £20 per night and save the rest for the sights!