8 travelling TikTokers to follow if you like looking at amazing places


8 travel Tik Tok accounts you can't miss! The images will leave you speechless!


Hey, wait a minute ... What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a social network made up of creators of all kinds who upload short videos. They are mostly 15 seconds long, can last up to a minute. Another factor captures so many users is that it's easy use and it has a fantastic video editor. You don't need to be an expert in anything since it is very easy to record yourself, put some filters and then publish your dance.

Ok, and what does travel have to do with it?

Yes, yes, we were about to explain this part to you. It turns out that Tik Tok is a very large and comprehensive social network, that is, it reaches thousands of niches with interesting topics to talk about. One of them is the topic of travel / tourism. Globetrotters are everywhere and of course travel lovers don't take long to follow beautiful accounts that talk about countries, cities, etc. In this article, we invite you to meet eight tik tokers who talk about travel. Are you interested even a little bit?

I'm interested. Who are the Tik Tokers?




The quality of the videos is truly amazing since every detail shows pure perfection. Waterfalls, snowy mountains, Caribbean beaches, wild jungles and other scenarios make you want to go traveling for the rest of your life. While there is no central person in their videos, you can see that the camera interacts a lot with adorable animals like penguins, monkeys, and other creatures. Its motto is "Travel the world, right from your phone". You know, nothing's as easy as travelling by watching videos. Follow them!


Mikki tanzas


Mikki Tenazas is a young man who loves to publish his journeys around the world. The interesting thing here is that Mikki appears in almost all the videos and this makes you imagine yourself walking those hills or caressing the warm waters of a beach. Natural landscapes are key in this Tik Tok travel account.


argentina tik tok

ruteros argentinos

The username says it all. They are fans and lovers of the natural settings of South America, more specifically Argentina. Snowy mountains and rivers embedded in beautiful native forests. And best of all, it only takes a few seconds for this travel Tik Tok account to convince you to follow it. Are you ready to fall in love forever?



Alex preview tiktok

Alex is a travel Tik Toker that has half a million followers at the time of writing this. He is a content creator of German origin that focuses on luxurious images of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters and also some high-end hotels. Everything that has to do with the beauty of nature and expensive accommodation can be seen in this travel account on Tik Tok.

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jack travel world tiktok jacktravelwolrd tiktok

Jack has almost 400,000 followers, more than 4 million likes and lives in Guangzhou, China. A mixture of strange but effective qualities to attract the attention of a huge travelling public. His name is Jack Anderson and he dedicates himself to publishing cinematographic sequences that seduce even the most sedentary person scrolling through the network. If you like drones, mountains and gigantic skyscrapers then you must follow this adventurous boy.

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Massiveness is synonymous with this Tik Tok travel account that leaves everyone speechless. They've accumulated more than 700 thousand followers. They are Terence and Karen, a German couple who live off their passion: travelling. They are digital nomads that reveal the most beautiful side of the travelling universe. The beaches, the weather and the landscaped paradises are the strongest attractions of this account. The funny thing is that they call themselves "Luxury Travel Creators", therefore, if you like to travel to a first-class level then you must follow these young people.


veteporelmundo tiktok


With more than 300 thousand followers in total, Yu, the travel Tik Toker, is a true globetrotter. The difference is with this travel account is that she gives a more personal approach to all the experiences she lives. Perhaps the quality of your images is lower than other accounts but if there is something left over it is originality. If you want to learn more about the volunteering she carries out and promotes, you can follow her on Tik Tok.



kataya wanders

She is Mexican, she is 19 years old and her name is Katya Cortés. She has more than 300 thousand followers and not only shows images but also shows tips and advice about places, cities, etc. In fact, she focuses more on speaking to the camera about things that interest her. Don't forget to take a look at her videos!

That's all for now - we can't name every great travel TikToker out there! Remember that Tik Tok has hundreds of millions of users. It is your turn to discover this dynamic app and extract all the creative travel juice you can. Who knows? Maybe you will become a content creator with hundreds of thousands of followers!

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