7 Cheap New Year's Eve destinations for 2018

Bring in 2018 on a budget

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend New Year's Eve somewhere other than home? Find out where you can bring in 2018 on a budget. Here are some of the cheapest places to welcome the New Year.


Berlin NYE

Image by Sascha Kohlmann (Flickr/Creative Commons)

If you’re planning to celebrate the new year with not much cash, then Berlin is the perfect destination for your holiday. The German capital is already famous for being one of the vibrant cities in Europe and NYE is no exception.

It’s also incredibly cheap with beers costing less than water in most bars and clubs. To get things going, join the official celebrations at Brandenburg Gate and watch the fireworks at midnight at the Victory Column. Then party until dawn in one of the city’s nightclubs in Kreuzberg.


Budapest Fireworks

Image by MaxPixel (Creative Commons)

New Year’s Eve is called “Szilveszter” in Hungary, and there’s going to be a massive celebration in Budapest to celebrate the new year. The biggest New Year parties are held at Vörösmarty Square, Nyugati Square (close to the railway station) and at the Oktogon intersection (where Andrássy Avenue and the Grand Boulevard meet).

Here you’ll meet thousands of fellow travellers. Even better, you can see you the year on a shoestring budget. Budapest remains one of the cheapest city breaks in Europe so your holiday money will go even further.

Public transport runs all night, and most bars and restaurants lay on special menus.


Lisbon NYE

Image by Ardian Lumi (Unsplash)

If you want somewhere beautiful and effortlessly cool to see in 2018, then look no further than Lisbon. Start off with a few shots of ginja before winding your way down to the waterfront at Cais de Sodre. Here you’ll enjoy a stunning visual feast of fireworks and roasted chestnuts. Afterwards, head over to Bairro Alto to dance in some of the city’s biggest nightclubs.


Prague NYE

Image by Alejandro Alvarez (Unsplash)

New Year’s Eve (“Silvestr” in Czech), Prague's historic streets are packed full of party lovers from all over the world. Most of the fun is in Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. Fireworks are let off everywhere and thrown around like confetti so be careful after you’ve had a few beers.


Amsterdam NYE

Image by Todd L. Gilbert (Flickr/Creative Commons)

“Oudejaarsavond” (New Year's Eve) is a wild celebration of beers, wine and scary fireworks. Always a beautiful destination to visit over the winter months, the NYE factor only serves to make Amsterdam even more spectacular. Come midnight; people take to the streets (and nightclubs, many of which only open at midnight) to celebrate.


Madrid NYE

Nico Trinkhaus (Flickr/Creative Commons)

“Noche Vieja” (New Year’s Eve) is stylishly celebrated in Spain’s capital. Thousands of revellers pack Puerta del Sol to drink excess litres of wine and spirits. Madrid's biggest nightclubs and bars will be open until 6 am, often not opening until 12.30am or later. Like many European cities, be prepared for massive crowds and explosive fireworks going off in the street.


Dubrovnik NYE

Image by 不憂照相館 (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Croatia's most famous city has become one of the best destinations to celebrate NYE. Head down the Stradun district, where Dubrovnik's bars and restaurants will be booming with travellers waiting to see in 2018 in one of Europe’s most iconic locations.