6 unique Austrian dishes you have to try at least once in your life

Schönbrunn, Sisi, Prater, Mozart... Austria has a lot to offer in many ways. We present you Austria's culinary highlights.

Austria is well-known for its good food. We present to you 6 of the most delicious dishes in Austria and assure you that your mouth will be watering while reading this article!


kaiserschmarrn (big)

To be precise, Kaiserschmarrn is a pancake in a slightly different form. In Austria and some parts of Germany a 'Schmarrn' is a meal, that is being cut into small pieces during its preparation. The original Kaiserschmarrn also includes raisins, is sprinkled with sugar and served with 'Zwetschkenröster' (plums, which are steamed in their own juice together with water, lemon, cinnamon, sugar and cloves) or applesauce.


schnitzel (big)

The real Wiener Schnitzel must always be calf meat. It is beaten with a meat tenderizer and then breaded and deep fried until it has a golden brown color. It is traditionally served with lemons for drizzling, as well as potato salad and cranberries as a side dish.

At this point we would like to mention that the myth about the Schnitzel originally coming from Milan could never be proven. As the name implies, the "cotoletta milanese" consists of a cutlet while the Wiener Schnitzel is served without bones.


sacher (big)

The Viennese Sachertorte is a chocolate cake with apricot jam and a cocoa-based sugar icing. In Austria there are two varieties of Sachertorte: in one version the cake is doused with the jam (in technical language, this procedure is called to 'apricot') and then coated with the glaze. In the second version, the cake is additionally filled with jam. No matter which version you choose, they are both served with a potion of 'Schlagobers' (whipped cream) and taste delicious!


linzertorte (big)

The Linzer cake got its name from the Upper Austrian capital Linz. It consists of one layer of 'Linzerteig' (a type of nut shortcrust pastry with cinnamon and cloves) covered with 'Ribiselmarmelade' (marmalade of red currant). Then a mass of sugar, egg, fat, flour, nuts, cinnamon and lemon is applied on the cake - in the typical grid-like form.


salzburger nockerl (big)

Probably the fluffiest dessert in Austria! This is a soufflé of egg, sugar and flour and tastes like small clouds! It is usually be served with raspberry sauce and sprinkled with sugar - this way it's supposed to represent the snowy Salzburg local mountains Kapuzinerberg, Mönchsberg and Gaisberg.


kaesekrainer (big)

Käsekrainer are cooked sausages that are slightly smoked and filled with Emmentaler cheese. You can find them at any Austrian sausage stand - often under the name 'Eitrige' (purulent) - yes, the Viennese have a weird sense of humor ;) These sausages are originally served with freshly grated horseradish and mustard.

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