5 tips for visiting Switzerland on a budget

Find out how to sleep, eat and hike if you're running low on cash

If you want to experience Switzerland's mountains and cities, then you’ll need to budget wisely. Spending your vacation in Europe’s richest country isn’t cheap, but there’s a lot you can do to save money. With budget hostels and travel passes available, the land of cheese and chocolates is certainly not out of reach for a budget friendly traveller.

Here are some tips to save some francs.

Save on transport and day trips

Trains are the best way to get around Switzerland, connecting major cities and they are nearly always on time. Save money on transport by buying discounted supersaver tickets online before you plan your itinerary.

A supersaver ticket from Zurich to Lucerne costs about €13. If you buy it on the day it will cost around €22.

If you're going to spend several days in Switzerland, you should think about getting a Swiss Travel Pass. They offer unlimited rides on trains, buses, boats and offer free admission to more than 480 museums.

Buy food in supermarkets

If you are planning a budget holiday to Switzerland then you might have to forgot a few luxuries, such as eating out in restaurants. Even fast food joints such as McDonald's and Burger King will burn a hole in your pocket.

Buying groceries in local supermarkets is the sensible way to save cash in Switzerland. Most hostels have clean, modern kitchen facilities so you can prepare your meals everyday and bring food when you travel.

Drink from the public fountains

If you don’t want to buy bottles of water for €5 every time you get thirsty, then bring a bottle and top up from a public fountain. The fountains can be found in every major town and city.

They offer some of the finest water in the country, and many restaurants serve their customers from these very same fountains.


Image by Joshua Earle (Unsplash)

Go hiking

If you want to go skiing, paragliding or mountain biking then it will be expensive to hire equipment and pay for insurance. Hiking in the Alps is completely free and gives you a chance to explore the Matterhorn and other peaks at your own pace.

Sleep in hostels

With Swiss hotels exorbitantly expensive, the best way to sleep cheap on holiday is to book a hostel. You’ll get clean, comfortable rooms and dorms that are ideal for resting your head after a long day hiking in the mountains.

*Header image by Martin Sattler (Unsplash)