5 short trips from Barcelona

To discover also Barcelona surroundings

Barcelona is one of the most visited city by European travelers, nothing to be surprised since it's a as lively and as cheap city. 

The are more and more low-cost flights operating on Barcelona, so many that you should start thinking about taking advantage of these offers, not just to visit Barcelona, but also its surroundings.

We thought about 5 trips just outside Barcelona, to help you also discover what can be found in the surroundings of this wonderful city. 

Lloret de Mar

lloret de mar

If Barceloneta's beach is not enough anymore, we can't blame you. After all, it is a relatively small and often crowded beach. Loret de Mar can be a great alternative to spend a couple of hours sunbathing and swimming in transparent waters.

Lloret de Mar is located in Barcelona North and it's easily reacheable by train.

Also, it's very popular among young people: it is ideal for traveler looking for a place where to have fun and to meet new people.

We also suggest you a 3-star hotel where to stay, the Hotel Moremar


gite fuori porta da barcellona sitges

This small city is situated around 30 minutes from Barcelona, many people arrive here to enjoy its beaches, but don't make the mistake to think that this is everything Sitges has to offer. 

Infact, this town is rich in history and culture, in particular we advise you to visit the church of Sant Bartomeu, the Romantic Museum and the Cau Ferrat's Museum, which houses some of Picasso's masterpieces.

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Everyone knows it because Ryanair flies here and offers cheaper rates than El Prat, Barcelona's main airport.

gite fuori porta da barcellona girona

Girona is a medieval town and you can take a stroll here, before reaching the much-anticipated Barcelona.

Our suggestion is to visit the Cathedral of the city, Santa Maria of Girona, the jewish district,  Carrer di Bisbe Cartañá and Plaça dels Jurats, where some scenes of the sixth season of the Game of Throne have been filmed.


This small village is located in the provincial area of Girona and it is the city that gave birth to the great artist Salvador Dalì and his clocks.

To get there by train from Barcelona, it takes roughly 2 hours and a half, but with a good book, you will not realize it!

Don't miss out the Museum dedicated to the artist.


If suddenly you want go hiking on the mountains, while you are in Barcelona, here Montserrat is ready to meet your desires.

gite fuori porta da barcellona montserrat

The word Montserrat means “serrated mountain”, because of the particular crest of this mount.

You can decide to stop and visit Montserrat's Museum, which houses the works of artists such as Monet, Chagall, Sisley, Miró, Dalí, Picasso, Degas, or start discovering its peaks. The choice is yours.