2016 is coming to an end and the new year is about to begin, so it's time to discover your horoscope for 2017 and the travel plans in store for you, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries - Bali, Indonesia

Aries are very independent, preferring to organise trips alone without any help. In 2017, plan a Springtime trip to Bali - the perfect destination to relax your mind, enjoy a well-earned rest and overcome all of your problems. 

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Taurus - Malaga, Spain

Taureans are known for their strong personalities as Taurus is an earth sign, characterised by its constancy and patience.

The warmer months are the perfect time to organise a trip, because this is the time of year when love comes knocking. The perfect 2017 destination for Taureans is Malaga, where the Feria city fair is held in August. 

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malaga - feira

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Gemini - Havana, Cuba

Those born under the sign of Gemini have a strong ability to adapt, with regard to both places and people.

So what better place to visit in 2017 than Havana? Next year will be quiet, with no major problems, so feel free to travel at any time since it will be a very peaceful year.

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La havana

Cancer - Lima, Peru

The most romantic and pensive sign of the zodiac is definitely Cancer. This sign is also characterised by a deep love of culture, and that is why 2017 is the perfect time to plan a trip to Lima, a city rich in history.

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Leo - New York, USA

Proud and brave, what better destination than the city of New York for those born under the sign of Leo? New York is a jungle, full of people coming and going, and that makes it the perfect place for a hunter like a Leo. 

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new york

Virgo - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Virgos are very artistic and are often extremely intelligent. So which would be the ideal destination for a Virgo? Without a doubt, Rotterdam fits the bill thanks to its great transformation and its curiousities. Plan your visit for after the spring, as this will be a calmer time for you.

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Libra - Patong Beach, Thailand

In 2017, Librans will go through two main phases. The first half of the year will be quite turbulent and full of emotional upheaval but the second part, after the summer, will be a lot calmer and therefore perfect for arranging a trip.

Patong Beach is the destination of choice for Librans - Thailand is the land of smiles and so is the ideal place to recover from the stress of the early part of the year. 

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Patong beach

Scorpio - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Scorpios should expect big news in 2017, but only after the middle of spring. Scorpios have an energetic and passionate personality, so what better city to visit than Rio de Janeiro? Of course, the best time to visit is in February during the Carnival, despite the odds.

We have created a neighbourhood by neighbourhood guide to Rio de Janeiro that you can read here, and in this article, you can discover the 10 things you absolutely must do in Rio de Janeiro.

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rio de janeiro

Sagittarius - New Delhi, India

It will be a tough year for Sagittarians, with several problems to solve, and that is why the perfect destination is New Delhi, a city that is both cultural and spiritual at the same time.

Visiting India's capital will help to put your ideas in order, allow you to focus, and to depart stronger than before.

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Nuova delhi

Capricorn - Stockholm, Sweden

This year, Capricorns will go in search of tranquility and peace, a place where they can surround themselves with like-minded, educated people. The perfect destination for Capricorns in 2017 is definitely Stockholm, a city that is charming yet ordered. The perfect place for a Capricorn who prefers to do nothing impulsive.

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Aquarius - Sydney, Australia

Aquarians are promised a quiet year without too many difficulties, all things considered.

This sign always looks to the future... so why not go to Australia? Sydney is definitely a cutting edge city, in line with the Aquarian personality.

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harbour bridge sydney

Pisces - Florence, Italy

For Pisceans, 2017 foretells a year filled with peace. With a personality that is a bit lazy, but nevertheless passionate about travelling, the destination that best suits Pisceans is one in Italy, and especially Florence.

Why Florence? Mainly because it is a very intellectually stimulating city. 


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