#17 Manu Manuti: 'Honesty and authenticity will convert you'


The Sixth Power is our column dedicated to emerging or established influencers. Each week we give you a new interview with an influencer. This seventeenth post is dedicated to Manu Manuti, a Mexican influencer and photographer.

HostelsClub's blog is hosting a new column dedicated to influencers, entitled 'The Sixth Power'. We are going to hear what they have to say, listen to their stories and discover their way of life. Many people aspire to be like them, and influencers are one of the latest and most desired professions. Their following, in some cases, exceeds the influence of important political figures! Kourtney Kardashian, with her 72.6 million followers, has more than the number of votes that led Donald Trump to the post of President of the United States of America in 2016. The Italian fashion-influencer Chiara Ferragni, before gaining an incredible 16.9 million followers on Instagram, was just an ordinary girl. We'll find out what it is like to be an influencer, giving a voice to travel bloggers in particular. There will be many good tips for those with open ears who may be thinking of entering into this incredible lifestyle!

#17 Manu Manuti: "Honesty and authenticity will convert you"

Manu Manuti has an idea. He says that it's possible to travel and create a positive impact on the places you visit. Both from an environmental point of view and from a social point of view. The idea becomes even stronger when shared. For this reason, he really doesn't like to call himself an influencer, and he is satisfied that people follow him and are inspired by his travels. He is mainly a photographer, based in Mexico, and many of his stories come from images. They are beautiful and reasoned photos; lives of a never-predictable professionalism. The reason for his success is in honesty and authenticity, factors that make his profile primarily an autobiographical story. He tells us that he doesn't use filters to tell his stories: "I feel that the more transparent you are - he tells us - the more you can connect with your community. Honesty has its advantages."

Credits @manumanuti

What does being an influencer mean to you?

I don't consider myself an influencer, I don't really like the term.

You share ideas, though.

As for sharing ideas, my job is to inspire people to do what they love.

In practice?

I let them step away from their frustrating jobs and pursue dreams, however impossible. I recently started my YouTube channel and it was designed with the idea of promoting "travel with causes", that is, a way of traveling that involves creating a positive impact in the places visited, both socially and environmentally.

How is your content created?

My content is usually very current and personal. I almost always talk openly about my preferences and my ideas.

No filters?

I almost never filter my opinions. I feel that the more you are transparent and in a certain way authentic, the more you can connect with your community. Honesty has its advantages. Obviously, when choosing a photo, the aesthetic selection is based on its meaning.

Credits @manumanuti

Can you tell us more?

A portrait, for example, can say more about a landscape and a specific experience.

Where do you get new ideas?

From my daily life, from what I do, alone or with my friends, my daily projects, my travels.

Autobiographical content, above all.

My content is very autobiographical, so even if it seems a bit presumptuous, I am inspired by life itself, by the places and the people I know.

And is travel the center of your world?

I started traveling more and uploaded more photos of my trips. During this process, my audience started to grow and I started getting closer to brands interested in my content. It's the commercial approach that pushed me to spend more time cultivating content, and this gradually led me to challenge myself.

Credits @manumanuti

Does learning about business count?

I studied advertising and got a master's degree in International Marketing, so I adapted well to the boom in social media and content and influencer marketing.

Do you see a career ahead?

What keeps me doing this is that I realized that what I do inspires people, or is at least instructive, because they learn about new places through my experiences. I believe that I'll do it for a few more years and feel that the idea is to adapt to the times. I feel that content marketing is what I like best now and I consider it my profession.

And do you travel more and more often?

I travel maybe a week a month.

Do you feel you have reached a goal?

I like being able to reach many people through what I do.

Credits @manumanuti

But has criticism of the influencers seem increased?

There is nothing wrong with working or collaborating with brands if you share the same values.


However, an influencer loses all credibility when they become a mere advertising space, or become involved with brands that have nothing to do with their content, or that make the sponsorship really obvious.

The biggest mistake?

The biggest mistake is that by losing legitimacy you lose the "power to influence" because no one believes you anymore.

Credits @manumanuti

Hostelsclub promotes the culture of hostels, do you use them when you travel?

I like their low prices of hostels compared to the hotels, they usually have good positions, but perhaps what I like most about the hostels is that they are a space that allows coexistence with other travelers.

Is the travel the experience of 'sharing'?

Of course, the hostels offer many points of contact for socializing: in shared rooms and common rooms. So yes, I think so - hostels allow you to live with the traveling community, and almost always, depending on the type of hostel, you'll find people with tastes very similar to yours.

Have you ever had any major disappointments?

I don't think anywhere has actually has disappointed me. I almost always analyze the places I visit a before I set off, so I don't have any surprises!

This column will be translated into the main 26 languages of our blog. if you are an influencer and want to tell your story then write to us, and maybe the next Sixth Power post will talk about you!

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