12 things to do & see in Edinburgh


The most popoular city in Scotland is a World Heritage Unesco site and there's many places that worths a visit

Inma Gregorio from Aworldtotravel.comIt comes without saying. Edinburgh, one of the better known cities of Scotland and a World Heritage Unesco site, is a city you should visit at least once in your life. To immediately fall in love with it and add it to your list of favorite places from then on. Not long ago I had the amazing opportunity of experiencing one of the festivals that regularly take place there: Hogmanay, the big celebrations that are thrown to welcome every New Year. A massive Torchlight Procession from the city council to Calton Hill, the fantastic concerts and fireworks on New Year’s Eve in the middle of a huge street party, the Loony Dook and its madness and other events kept me pretty busy during my five days in town.

But there is a lot more to see and do in the city in the event you are not visiting while one of its 12 year-round festivals take place.

Here’s my favorite list of things to do and see in Edinburgh. Enjoy!

  1. Take your pictures to the next level with 360 degrees views at Edinburgh castle.

    Views from Edinburgh castle

  2. Witness a volunteer Penguins Parade in Edinburgh Zoo.

    Volunteer Penguins Parade

  3. Admire the sunset at Calton Hill. If you are lucky like the guys in the picture, you could even get proposed or married there!

    Sunset from Calton Hill

  4. Discuss with the locals the beauty of Scott Monument, one of the biggest ever dedicated to a literate and highly controversial these days.

    Scott Monument

  5. Become an art lover at the Scottish National Gallery. They are featuring Rodin’s “The Kiss” at the moment!

    Scottish National Gallery

  6. Enjoy an afternoon monument sightseeing in the surroundings of Princes Street Gardens

    Princes Street Gardens

  7. Have a pint or a Scotch at the Grassmarket in the Old Town.

    Grassmarket in the Old Town

  8. Feel like Harry Potter while wandering around Greyfriars Kirkyard.

    Greyfriars Kirkyard

  9. Climb an extinct volcano. Arthur’s seat, the tallest of Edinburgh’s hills, is a stone throw away from the city center!

    Arthur’s seat

  10. Get a kilt and join your favorite clan

    Get a kilt

  11. Visit the National Museum of Scotland

    National Museum of Scotland

  12. Go outside town! There is much more to Scotland than Edinburgh. Taking a two or three days tour through the Highlands and Isle of Skye would be the next step if you want to make the most of your Scottish experience.

    Go outside town!

Have you ever been to Edinburgh or Scotland? Let us know your travel tips in the comments below!

Article written by Inma Gregorio

She runs Aworldtotravel.com, a travel blog where photography, music festivals, design, great outdoors and budget flashpacking get featured on a regular basis. Follow her travels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!

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