9 'Travel Apps' you should have on your phone


Don't miss out on our list of the top 9 most useful travel apps that can help you wherever you go...

Travel Apps

Like life itself, the world of apps is diverse and varied. A sea of colourful electronic icons displayed on the screen of your mobile, offering to improve all aspects of your life. Looking to be more productive? There's an app for that. Do you want to lose some weight? There are thousands of diet and fitness apps. Do you need a distraction or want to challenge your brain? Just head to the 'Games' section and choose the one that's right for you. There really is an app to help you with everything.

As the market is so wide, this new wanderlust lifestyle trend has certainly not been left out. Software programmers have worked hard to supply our generation with all kinds of apps that are useful to travellers looking to fulfill their globetrotting dreams.

In short, and to make things even easier for you, we've analysed the thousands of travel apps and selected our top 9 that we believe are essential to have on your phone when travelling abroad. The best part? They're all totally free, so you can start travelling smarter right now!

1. Duolingo


Duolingo, through short lessons and engaging tests, teaches you to read, write, listen and speak a language (it currently covers a total of 27 languages). Even the famous Klingon comes in the package! With difficulty levels ranging across the board, as well as clear, simple instructions, you can learn the language of the country you visit. As is the case when learning any new skill, pratice makes perfect! (Available for iOS and Android)

2. XE Currency

XE Currency

Ok let's be realistic. Surely you've been in that awkward position when you go to pay in the supermarket, take out your phone and wait for google to convert 'euros to pesos' while the queue behind you gradually grows longer, and you can feel frustration in the air. But don't worry, you'll never have to go through this again if you download XE Currency! This app works as a fast and simple currency converter that you can rely on in time-sensitive situations! Of course, remember to update the app regularly to make sure you always have the most accurate conversions. (Available for iOS and Android)

3. AroundMe


Are you fed up of having to constantly save locations in your default map apps on your phone? Yep, so are we. AroundMe automatically locates your position and shows you all the nearby banks, bars, petrol stations, hospitals, cinemas, restaurants, supermarkets, theatres and taxi ranks. Super useful in emergency situations (or just for situations where you're looking for pizza but don't know where to go)! (Available for iOS and Android)

4. SAS Survival Guide

SAS Survival Guide

This app ignores new technology and concentrates on good old survival techniques such as the morse code, fire starting and how to safely use primitive weapons such as knives, among other things. This interesting app was devised by a former soldier of the British army, and it teaches dozens of tips to solve problems when you're in nature. Head into the wild and give it a try! (Available for iOS and Android)

5. Google Translate

Google Translate

Obviously everyone has heard of this one, and most people use it, some even on a daily basis. It's efficient, fast and accurate, so if Duolingo isn't quite working out, or you need to come up with a phrase ASAP, then this is the app for you. The google translator is a very important tool when travelling as it will quickly help you out no matter what the circumstance may be. Say goodbye to language barriers, as it works offline and translates in real time. Select the language you want, open up the camera and focus it on the text you want to understand and voila - problem solved! Why not impress the taxi man and strike up a conversation in his own language? You never know what tips he may reveal to you about the city... (Available for iOS and Android)

6. Flush


Flush, by activating the GPS system, quickly locates the nearest bathrooms in the area you're in. It currently has about 190,000 bathrooms available for use in multiple cities around the world. As the saying goes, when you gotta go, you gotta go! This app just helps you along the way... no one wants to be that person who interrupts the day and drags everyone around the town on a bathroom hunt! (Available for iOS and Android)

7. Moovit


Moovit is a must. Download it on your mobile right now if you want to know how to get from one place to another using local public transport. Don't bother attempting to ask people on the street for directions back to your hostel... just download this app that includes the best routes, waiting times and real-time lines of the city's transport systems. It has data from more than 1500 cities in 79 countries around the globe. You can wave goodbye to waiting at a bus stop for a bus you're not even certain will arrive! (Available for iOS and Android)

8. First Aid IFRC

First Aid IFRC

Nobody wants to have to use this app under any circumstances but, whether during an adventure abroad or in the course of everyday life, certain unforeseen events can occur that affect our health. It's for this simple reason that we must prevent danger and be prepared, which is why we recommend First Aid IFRC. An app that gives good advice on how to use a first aid kit in emergency situations. Install the app and brush up on your knowledge. (Available for iOS and Android)

9. Wifi-Finder


Last but not least, as the name implies, this app is very useful when travelling as its sole purpose is to locate all the Wifi networks near you. The offline function gives you the possibility to download data about the city you are going to, so you don't have to constantly worry about looking out for a cafe with a 'free wifi' sign in the window. Many other apps find signals that include personal or private networks, but Wifi-Finder only contains verified Wifi points with information about the network speed. (Available for iOS and Android)

So there you have it! Our top 9 travel apps that are essential during your trip away! If you found this useful, you may also be interested in these articles below:

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