10 Reasons to Visit Leipzig


How to make a trip to Leipzig unforgettable

On the first day of your trip to Leipzig you will feel immediately the unmistakeable positive and warm atmosphere of Leipzig. The people of this vibrant city are enchanting with their charm and knowledge of city and its history. Locals are proud of their city, in particular, Leipzig's history, architecture and art scene. After speaking directly with a 'Leipziger', here are the tips on how to make your stay in Leipzig unforgettable including some recommendations for hostels in Leipzig!

Things to Do

1. If you are traveling by car, be sure to see Leipzig's train station - the Jewel of Leipzig. Not only is the building fantastic, but also their shopping mall with about 140 shops. The gallery was established in 1997 and most shops have kept the impressive original architecture and furnishings. This train station ambiance makes waiting for the train fun!

2. If you want to continue to shop, walk to the downtown part of the city. There are numerous old buildings with magnificent facades. Try Grimmaische Street - the main shopping street in Leipzig. Close to St. Nicholas' Church (which is also worth a visit) you will find Specks Hof, one of the most famous trading houses for stocks of the 19th Century in Leipzig, but now is a mixed shopping area. Here you will find many gourmet food shops. Our suggestion is to the try Leipzig Gosenkäse cheese, tasty and spicy.

3. Cross Augustus Square and go by at the Leipzig Opera House. Opposite the Opera House you will see Gewandhaus, another concert hall. It is fun not only to go to for a concert, but it's worth going inside so you can also see the decadent, 712 m² large ceiling paintings made by the Leipzig artist, Sighard Gille.

4. Even it has already become tacky: you have to see the most famous restaurant in the city - Auerbach's Keller - the most famous attraction in Leipzig. The restaurant has been there since 1530 and became famous thanks to Goethe's work 'Faust'. Enjoy your dinner in a unique atmosphere, and it is not even that expensive!

Special info for students: If you are stressed with final exams, go to the Mädlerpassage, where the figures of Faust and Mephisto are standing and then touch Faust's shoe - afterwards you can relax since this visit brings good luck for exams!

5. After shopping and visiting the sights you will need a break. A good place for this is, Naschmarkt, located across from the Forum of Contemporary History. Naschmarkt is the old stock exchange building. This baroque building is the former meeting place of the Leipzig merchants. Here you will find many bars and cafes. Try 'Leipzger Laerce', which is a marzipan tart decorated with crossed straps of pastry and topped with red fruit! Simply delicious!

6. If you are interested in history, here comes a classic...Völkerschlachtdenkmal. The monument was inaugurated in 1913, 100 years after the Battle of Leipzig, where Napoleon defeated the European allies. At the 91 meters high, the observation deck allows you to enjoy a magnificent view of the city!

7. For a drink or snack go to Barefoot Lane. This is a traditional street with bars and pubs. The Gottschedstrasse is very popular for students and artists, where you will find bars offering everything you want, from brunch to an evening cocktail.

8. For art lovers we also have a special place: the Fabrik - cotton spinning mill in Leipzig at spinning Strasse 7, 04179 Leipzig, Germany. The spinning mill is a historic factory complex, but it is not factory anymore. Now it is a home for art galleries by creative people like architects, designers and fashion designers, restaurants, theater and dance groups, arts and cultural initiatives, individual stores and lofts. It's like a small town in itself within Leipzig. Do not miss this!

9. Amazonia in Leipzig? Yes, it is possible! You will be amazed. This place is fascinating, magnificent and very exciting. The Berlin artist Yadegar Asisi has captured the world with a 360-degree panorama called Amazon for its viewers. On a scale of 1:1, at about 106 meters long and 30 meters high, Amazon reveals a fabulous view over the rainforest.

10. Sleeping in Leipzig? Well, of course not on the street, we hope. Our recommendations are:

Space Hostel Leipzig which offers a friendly and personally atmosphere, even for long stay. Here you will find beautiful garden, small self service kitchen and lots of creative people.

If you are a real backpacker, our best choice is Central Globetrotter Hostel. Here you will find nice staff, a lounge area and many tips on where to find the best clubs, bars, theaters and museums.

A & O Leipzig Hauptbahnhof has the perfect location to be only 3 minutes from the Leipzig train station. The hostel is located in a historic post office building. Inside you can enjoy billiards and foosball, have a drink at the bar, or just relax.

A warm welcome awaits you at our Leipzig hostels!!

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