Best hostels in Ukraine

You can travel smart with HostelsClub in this country, thanks to our selection of cheap hostels in Ukraine! This is the complete list of cities, ordered by top destinations and regions. In a few clicks you can book online the best hostels in Ukraine, or any other cheap accommodation, always with the help of customers reviews, maps and fully detailed descriptions. Enjoy the best value for money saving on your stay with our exclusive discounts for Membership Card holders, Erasmus Students and groups. And if you have any doubt about your stay in Ukraine feel free to contact our smart customer care staff by phone, email, or via chat, we’re looking forward to help you and we’ll be your guide to the Ukraine cheap hostels search!

The main destinations in Ukraine

Greater Kiev - Ukraine
91 properties
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Lviv - Ukraine
66 properties
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Odessa - Ukraine
52 properties
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Zakarpattia - Ukraine
8 properties
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Donetsk - Ukraine
18 properties
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Kharkiv - Ukraine
12 properties
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All hostels in Ukraine by region

  1. Cherkasy1 property
  2. Chernihiv0 properties
  3. Chernivtsi4 properties
  4. Dnipropetrovsk7 properties
  5. Donetsk19 properties
  6. Ivano-Frankivsk3 properties
  7. Kharkiv12 properties
  8. Kherson2 properties
  9. Khmelnytskyi0 properties
  10. Kirovohrad0 properties
  11. Greater Kiev91 properties
  12. Kiev Province0 properties
  13. Luhansk1 property
  14. Lviv68 properties
  15. Mykolaiv6 properties
  16. Odessa53 properties
  17. Poltava1 property
  18. Rivne0 properties
  19. Sevastopol0 properties
  20. Sumy2 properties
  21. Ternopil1 property
  22. Vinnytsia2 properties
  23. Volyn0 properties
  24. Zaporizhia0 properties
  25. Zakarpattia13 properties
  26. Zhytomyr0 properties

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