Why you should have a HostelsClub.com Membership Card

Discounted hostels, offers in bar and restaurants, no booking fees... and many more benefits!

When surfing on HostelsClub.com you might came across the 'Membership Card'. If you're wondering what it is, well, the following article is right for you!

We are pleased to present the HostelsClub.com Membership Card and explain you which are the benefits:

1 – you get exclusive discounts up to 30% on the online accommodation rates of many cheap hostels, budget hotels, campsites and B&Bs all over the world!

2 –you won’t be paying any booking fees!

3 - you are entitled to special offers and promotions when showing the card to our partners (restaurants, bars, shops, etc.).

HostelsClub Membership Card can be purchased when making your next booking, it’s only 10€. We want to stress on the fact that immediate discounts will apply automatically to your online booking: this means that when you buy the Membership Card the HostelsClub.com system immediately update the shopping cart of your reservation, deducting booking fees and applying the discount offered by the property you are about to book...you just started and you're already saving!

And if you consider that the Membership Card does not expire you will easily understand that you'll save money on all your upcoming travels!

For any questions or further information on HostelsClub.com Membership Card please contact us.


Membership Card holders Rules

1) The Membership Card is personal, not transferable and is associated to your HostelsClub.com account.

2) You can use it online simply by logging into your customer account before making a reservation.

3) Membership Card holders benefits of discounts offered by properties on www.hostelsclub.com (e.g. '10% discount for HostelsClub.com Membership Card owners'). Some discounts may depend on the length of your stay (e.g. 'only valid for those who book at least 2 nights') or period booked (in such case the discount message won’t be showing during those periods, which discounts do not apply to).

4) Discounts for Membership Card owners only apply to online reservation made on www.hostelsclub.com.

5) The Membership Card can be used by groups as it apply to the whole booking and all members booked under the reservation and not only to the Membership Card holder

6) Discounts cannot be combined when in a single group there are several Membership Card holder; discounts percentages cannot be summed

7) The Membership Card must be presented at check in before paying the balance.

8) Discounts are always applied to the room rates available on www.hostelsclub.com at the time of booking.