Rumours about Reykjavik´s nightlife has been circulating for many years. Considering the amount of talents that Iceland has produced these past years, think Björk, Sugarcubes, Sigur Ros and GusGus, it´s obvious that something creative and fun has been cooking for some time now on this magical, remote, northern island.

Good to know about Reykjavik is that you don´t have to worry about finding your way around -since the nightlife is concentrated around one street: Laugavegur. Walk that street up and down, and you will be fine. The party usually don´t start until around midnight, and then goes on til the morning. The constant sunshine around the clock in the spring and the summertime helps to keep the party mood going for a long time.

Around the street Laugavegur you will find many places, here are some:

Vegamot: Good food, relaxed, and known as a celebrity hang out -in Iceland this means people working in popular clothing shops.

Boston is a cool bar with floral wallpaper.

Kaffeibarinn is a legendary and the most popular place for the alternative crowd in Reykjavik.

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B5 is for the moment the hottest bar -but bare in mind that this is constantly changing. The best way to see which bar is right for the moment is simple to look for the longest queue..

And on your way home, have an Icelandic hot dog at Baejarins Beztu Pylsur -Even Bill Clinton could not resist this local treasure.

There is a joke among the Icelanders that the pick-up line in Reykjavik is a question whether or not you are related. There are only 200.000 people living in Reykjavik and the total population in Iceland is 300.000!

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