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Travelling in a group? Click on the link below to get the list of hostels that accept reservations for 10 or more guests. Use the search form to check availability and book online. If you like, feel free to contact us at, we will help you find the best offer for your group.

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We literally give value to your opinion! Rate your stay and immediately get 2€ of Virtual Credit for your next reservations!

HostelsClub appreciates customers sharing their opinion, and that’s why we have decided to support those who rate their stay and leave a comment, with 2€ of travel credit they can use towards their next online reservations.

For every property on HostelsClub we display unbiased reviews left by real customers. Before making any reservation, we suggest customers carefully read the comments and mouse over the smileys to see exactly what the rating for each category is (Cleanliness, Staff, Location, Value for Money, Recommended). This is the best way to avoid unpleasant experiences and to make sure you are booking a hostel up to your expectations!

This is one of the reasons why we have decided to support travelers writing reviews : once you have submitted your review, your account will be topped up with 2€ of virtual credit , without expiry date, that you will be free to use towards your future reservation deposits.

Take advantage of this deal now ! The more you rate, the more you save...and your feedback will be helping the travel community!

*Note: the above promotion applies only to customers holding a MyClub account with Membership Card; the online credit will be available on your online account within 72 hours from the review date.

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