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Tokyo Travel Exhibition

`What is this? This is so cool!` Japanese people loved wearing Venezian-handmade masquerade at our booth, on October 1st and 2nd, 2011. We attended the fair of TravelExhibition in Tokyo and the fair went successful and we were able to have a great and warm connections with customers.

A curious 7-year-old boy came to our booth himself whose his daddy was working for the Taiwanese booth.

`What is this? Can I wear this? My dad is working for Taiwanese booth. I've been waiting for him for a long time but I got bored.'

We took pictures of people who wore the Venezian masquerades and people were excited which one to pick to be taken pictures. It was not only children who enjoyed our masks but also people who were middle-aged were cuirous to find out what is like to hide their faces with mysterious Italian masquerade.

Also,we prepared 2 paird-free stay in Venice for a week and some Venezian glass and people won them out of lotteries. People screamed when they won the prize and especially a girl who won the free stay in Venice for a week screamed really loud with excitement.

`Oh my god I got a free hotel in Venice!`

The fair was like a crossroad of world-travellers. Being in Tokyo, we were able to feel the vibe of the world. We saw the real dance of Bali, and heard the vibrant sing of African women with dynamic dramas and enjoyed the taste of Tanzanian foods with beers.

It was not only customers enjoyed the day but also staff seized the day just being the part of the fair sharing warm moments with customers who love travelling the globe.


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