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Voyages > to Thailand by hitchhiking

Phuket, Thailand

du 12/11/2010 au 15/12/2010


03/12/2011 CET
China, Laos, Vietnam, Thaland by hitchhiking - this is my trip in last year. China. The coherent story about such big country is now for me worse, than the composition on a theme «the Image of Pierre Bezuhov in L.N.Tolstoy's novel "War and peace" in school days... But I will try. Chinese food. In the childhood the father to me told that there is on a terrestrial ball such unusual nation – Chineses. And they eat all. And glass? – I asked. Perhaps, only they also don't eat glass, - the parent answered me. In something it has appeared the rights. No, fried squids still it is possible to worry. And here a black hen... No, it not the name of a children's fairy tale about friendship of the boy with the animal with the same name. It, according to one of drivers-Kazakhs, happens so: «Here you have bought a hen. You pluck it. And in the end it can appear white, and the black can also...». On a counter such beauty looks as a big frog. Eggs, accordingly, too the black. As to the last Chineses originally enough prolong working life of this product – eggs of all grades and kinds directly in a shell turn in a film in the thickness about five millimeters. Such miracle - thousand-year eggs is called.
03/12/2011 CET
Duck/chicken heads, necks, pads – clear business, don't vanish in vain in recycle bins, and flaunt on show-windows of supermarkets. And on snack be ready to small surprises – a salty cake, a sweet hen-grill... The Country unfamiliar – to ask, what it and with what it eat (and whether eat in general?) there is nobody. So good luck! //here there could be an advertizing of any means from an indigestion// By the way about highway. Traffic too differs originality. While we expect the car under the badge of «the Stop is forbidden» (now will understand why there), the design from the person, a bicycle and a heap of polyfoam in size with the small elephant calf by passes. It is everything fixed by a cord, slowly crept and shook as a white sail from a fair wind. Through pair minutes any waggon (!) – I remind, this highway, line G30, instead of a country road – it has sharply decided to be developed, to partition off road the carcass-body and easy to put in the necessary strip. Probably, the driver has remembered that has left houses the included iron. Traffic regulations here are thought up for those who makes them. At last the necessary car stops. Naturally, we don't know Chinese, and the driver – Russian. The English-speaking driver is a rarity. Accordingly, we agree on fingers – we stick into the necessary point on the map and so on. The driver or agrees to carry us, or isn't present. But they don't have concept of a self-locking device. That is, if we need to reach from Moscow in Sant-Petersburg the driver can throw us to Tver, for example. And further we catch one more or two cars. But the brain of the Chinese driver doesn't accept such scheme – if it doesn't go to the necessary point doesn't take us – as it is possible to leave foreigners on the middle of a way of one on road to another's terrible country, where a crime rate in times more low, than in Russia? By the way, for murder and for drugs in Heavenly Empire the death penalty is provided. I will make a r
03/12/2011 CET
eservation: I tell exactly about that I see. That is, about small Chinese provinces. I haven't seen big cities of type of Shanghai or Hong Kong even from a roadside – not on the way.
04/12/2011 CET
Vietnam. I want the Vietnamese meal on a visit at Vietnameses. Is uninteresting to leave, without having tried it and without having visited on a visit at natives », - I have told to myself in the morning. And in the evening we have appeared in one village in 70 kilometers from Laos border. Local residents had a good time at this time football."Vietnam-Singapore". In view of that from a shop opposite to which we have taken of a position, monologues of the commentator and joyful cries of fans reached. After a while we already sat on a table in a repair truck and were treated with rice with vodka. Yes, sat and on a table. What for stools when it is possible to put on height of 30-50 meters from a floor a wide board are necessary and to be arranged on it in a pose of a lotus with a meal bowl? Before a dream from the same table all ware is cleaned, it is carefully wiped and by means of a mattress, pillows and a blanket turns to a bed.
04/12/2011 CET
Laos. In some parts of the country along roads there are warning tablets: «it is careful, mines! Don't come, please, into jungle independently, without a conductor» - the rests of war with America. The majority of sights here as though hint at "love" to this country. Set of museums with posters on which the crippled people, children-orphans and so on are represented... Also monuments of glory and other places of honor of military valor here suffice. Hitchhiking on-laos. Here it is not accepted to put fellow travelers in a cabin. Yes in most cases also there is no place. Therefore we move in bodies in the neighbourhood with bags of rice or empty beer bottles. In a heat it hot, in a cold cold. I already after the first day of such driving was ill...
04/12/2011 CET
Thailand. It is a little about Buddhists. According to the belief, each Buddhist is obliged three months of the life to spend in a monastery - "vat" on thai. Including women (they are identified on white attires. Men are wrapped in color, basically, orange, loose overalls). And all this time the Buddhist should conduct an ascetic way of life – as minimm absence of hot water and physical contacts to women – the true monk has no right even to shake hands with the woman. Here heart-felt conversations on religion – another matter. And as a whole – to winter in the country of the eternal sun and smiles is the best that can be on the earth!


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