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Users' blogs about USA

Hostels in USA

This is our users' travel blog about USA. Here you'll find hostels and hotels reviews, suggestions for bars and restaurants, or any other recommendation that young travelers may want to share about USA. All users can publish on this page, just for their friends or for everyone. To enjoy exclusive contents or publish your own, join MyClub network right now! (If you already have a Facebook, Google or Twitter account it's just a matter of few clicks).

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alexander leytan nice to visit there
about 1 year ago
Lucky D's Hostel

90% 90%

I liked this hostel for a couple of reasons. It was clean, the staff was nice and helpful, the breaky was served every day plus they have this food actions, and the location is good. Just few stes to the center with bars, restaurants and so on. Also the LRT-station is just 3 or 4 blocks away. I would stay there again.

over 2 years ago

80% 80%

Avarage as for the States. The hostel itself wa spretty good, but staff was sometimes nice sometimes ind of 'weird'. The worst about the hostel was the thing (but it was maybe just my bad luck) it was full of young ppl in their internship - young docs and other hospital staff - which was so borring. They were all soe "big-headed" so egoistic and sure about their awesomeness that they didnt talk to anybody else, only to those who was also in the internship. You know borring wark-concentrated-almost-conversations - mostly about surgeries, blood, cut hands and so on. If you look friends, awesome stories from the travels - it wasnt the place for that. Also bathroom could be cleaner. And its quite a walk to the metro station. Fortunately on the way there was a grocery shop. If i have to stay there again - i hope there wont be nobody in any way conected to the hospital or medicine there! ;)

over 2 years ago
Hostelling International Chicago

94% 94%

Very big, but also a good hostel, in the middle of downtown, close to the L-station, clean with nice common rooms and nice breaky. The funny and awesome thing about the breakfast is that you can sit at your coffee and watch the L-trains passing by - which i did all the time, all days. It's not a cozy small hostel, but a good one, more like a big company - many guests - many rooms.

over 2 years ago
Friend Street Hostel

80% 80%

Just few steps from the metro station, pretty good location, quite a good hostel, i would call it 'typical for States' in an old house, with brick walls, bunk beds, steep stairs ;) It's good anough for a backpacker.

over 2 years ago
Downtown Washington Hostel

92% 92%

It's a nice cozy hostel. A real one - with nice staff, kitchen, common room and even free beer! This is not a joke! If you want another one - no problem! Also the area was nice, a grocery store just 3mins walk. Clean, safe. some 10mins walk from Union station which was also the nearest metro station (not too close though), but the walk wasn't a pain. Pretty neighbourhood on the way to the metro. In the hostel it was enough clean. I would recomand it, and next time i would stay there again.

over 2 years ago
Falcon Cave Suites

10% 10%

As we arrived there - they told us our room is gone. Which means we had no room at all. You can immagine how irritated we were. Good for us the neighbour-hostel had free rooms so we didnt have to make calls or walk around in search for a new hostel.

over 2 years ago
Banana Bungalow Hollywood

68% 68%

It's a mix of motel-hostel. In LA it's really hard to 'not-have-a-car'. But this hostel is located between two metro stations so it's kinda good. If you have a car its right next to the highway which -again- is an advantage. What bothered me most were the loud room mates. They watched tv in the deep night, so i guess it's a bad option to have a tv in a dormitory. All in all - this is a place that wants to acomodate too many ppl and too many 'options' in a small aeria. I think sometimes 'less' its better, sometimes you have to skip things.

over 2 years ago
Amsterdam San Francisco Hostel

66% 66%

What is annoying in States, you never know how much you will pay, since they dont show the taxes in the price. That was a big surprise for me as i was about to pay. It should be included in prise and shown right by the booking how much do i have to pay. The staff was ok, but it wasnt that clean. The location was not bad, but you need to walk a bit from bus/tram stop. From the metro is a quite a walk, coz it's uphill.

over 2 years ago
Downtown Washington Hostel

90% 90%

The girl who was receiving us was super nice and helpful, the location is great, you only need to walk 15 minutes to the capitol building and the rest of the attractions in DC. My only problem during my stay there was just that the wifi sucks.

over 3 years ago

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