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GS Alves Luxury Rentals - 아파트 대여 안에 포르토, 포르투갈


GS Alves Luxury Rentals 아파트 대여 안에 포르토

GS Alves Luxury Rentals 

숙소유형: 아파트 대여

주소: Pcta 1 Dezembro, 70, Vila Nova Gaia - 포르토, 포르투갈



ABOUT G. S. Alves, Luxury rentals

Boasting a contemporary, luxurious and elegant decor and a splendid array of amenities, the G. S. Alves Luxury Rentals is a marvelous and comfortable serviced Residence located just by the River Douro, on top of a hill, with a splendid view over the river and the City Lights of Porto. Our guests will be up for an unforgettable experience in one of the most enchanting and beautiful cities in Europe. Minutes away from the city’s Historic Center and Touristic landmarks, the vineyards and the wineries of the famous Porto Wine®, and much more. Business people and holidaymakers will love this spacious, independent and luxurious property, featuring everything of what you need to feel like home.

Ideal for families or groups of friends, this wonderful Residence is brand new, with lots of natural light and leveled commodities. A maid is available at your service from Monday to Friday, making sure that everything is at your liking.

Our most awesome offer is a Car with GPS! (see photo), which will be delivered to our guests, so that they can freely explore the City ad Have Fun (see details). Yes, we don’t rent cars, we lend it to our guests without additional charges. The property has its private garage, exclusively reserved for our guests. Please, bring with you your baby and children chairs, as they are not available at this time.

Enjoy that romantic get away you always dreamed in the intimacy of this enchanting lodging and don’t worry about transportation. You’ll have your own car! Explore the once-in-a-lifetime Nightlife experience in Porto!

We are a brand new company fully committed to high standards, quality, checking and enhancing of our product.

Our moto is NEVER LOOK BACK. Yes! This means that, if our clients have a car for their pleasure now, they will have it Forever! That’s our commitment.

Rooms at G.S A Lux Rentals

This is a Class A Energy, highly ecologic three bedrooms luxury residence, featuring a Luxurious Suite with double bed, LCD TV, private bathroom with a hydro-massaging tube and more; Bedroom N. 2 and 3 with a double bed, LCD TV; additional luxurious bathroom with bath tube and more, living room with LCD TV and satellite TV, dining room and a fully equipped kitchen. Facilities include microwave, vitro-ceramics stove and oven, fridge, coffee-dispenser, washing and drying machine, dishwasher, glassware, silverware and all the necessary kitchen utensils. Free high-speed, wireless and LAN internet access also available. The property can easily accommodate up to six guests.

Our high regards to ecology starts in the very architecture of the property, with special thermo-insulating and soundproof walls, double glass, solar panels, etc.

Also available: Direct dial telephone, central heating, balcony boasting great views over the City of Porto and the Douro River. This pet-friendly lodging allows pets to stay. Please make let us know if you’ll bring your pets beforehand, so that we can be ready to deliver a better service.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire property. But don’t worry, you can use the balcony to enjoy a cigarette (and a glass of wine).

And there is more. Each and every one of our clients will receive a surprise gift at the end of their sojourn. Something evocative to soul and color of this unique City.

REMARKS: Car only available for guests booking two or three rooms.

Rate per room per night: 80€

Maximum number of guests: Two guests per room. Children under 3 years can stay in their parents room, without additional charge.

Shuttle service available for the railway, bus station and for the airport, 24 hours.

Welcome drink

A surprise Gift allusive to City of Porto and the Douro river is offered to every one of our guests at the end of their sojourn.


from 9:00 to 24:00

Available Facilities and Services
인터넷 사용가YES
무선 인터넷 접속YES
기차역 출발 셔틀버스 운행YES
공항 픽업 서비스YES
케이블/위성 텔레비젼YES

Available Amenities


This property accepts reservations for groups. Use the form on top of this page to check availability.

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