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Apartments Cardo - अपार्टमेंट अन्दर स्पलिट, क्रोएशिया

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Apartments Cardo अपार्टमेंट अन्दर स्पलिट

Apartments Cardo 

श्रेणी: अपार्टमेंट

पता: Dominisova 13 - स्पलिट, क्रोएशिया

Gay friendly



Inside the very center of a 1700 year old Palace, our newly renovated apartments await for your pleasure. The beautiful, antique house in which we are situated was reborn as a modern, charming guest-house with a luxurious view just a few short months ago.

You see, most valuable characteristic of the town Split is its historical core. It's also where everything in Split is - the bars, the shops, the cafes, the restaurants, the museums, the galleries; all those wonderful attractions from your guidebook, and the beaches are minutes away. And there's simply not a place more central than the wonderful, antique, newly redecorated house where our apartments are located. Experience the pristine atmosphere of a seventeen centuries old roman palace placed on an abundant and layered legacy of millenniums passed. Entering the main gate, golden gate (porta aurea) of DIOCLETIAN’S PALACE, halfway towards Peristil, you can find our apartment Cardo. In the mere CENTER, just a few steps away from all the attractions, you can experience authenticity of Mediterranean marble and antic architecture. Everything you need to have fun and enjoy yourselves is just steps away, and we do mean steps! Bars, restaurants, beaches, the works!

Everyone in Split wants to be just where you get to spend the night. And you have the bonus of staying the night in a monument!

Cardo apartments are located in a historical 3 storey building, the apartments themselves taking the upper two floors. The second floor apartment consists of a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a large, airy bedroom. The bedroom has a double bed, two single beds, a closet, a lovely table and two wonderful antique windows on each side of the room. The room can thus accommodate 1 to 4 people, and if you decide to choose that room you will have your own private ensuite bathroom and private kitchen.

The third floor apartment has two rooms. The first bedroom has a double bed and a futon that can be used as a comfortable bed for a third person. The second bedroom has two single beds - and this room also has an option of accommodating a single traveller for a reduced fee. There is also a small but functional kitchen at your disposal (refrigerator, stove, sink, glasses, plates and everything you need for cooking), and a small but adorable dining area and, of course, a bathroom (shower, hot water, towels). Cleaning, towels and linen included. According to your desires and needs, you can rent the entire apartment or one of the rooms- in which case you can freely use the kitchen, dining area and of course the bathroom.

Also, a brand new air condition has been installed for a more comfortable holiday experience!

We can also accommodate a large group consisting of a maximum 9 people, kindly email with questions about this option.


- Payment on arrival in cash (preferably in HRK or EUR).

- All taxes are included in the price.

- Check-in: from 12:00. Check-out: until 10 am.

Check In

from 9:00 to 24:00

Available Facilities and Services
इंटरनेट का उपयोगYES
Wi-Fi accessYES
सामान का भंडारणYES
स्टेशन से ले जाना/शटलYES
Pickups / Shuttle from airportWith extra cost
टी वीYES

Available Amenities
पार्किंग स्थलNO

ग्राहक दर्ज़ा

93% 93%
सफाई: 90%
कर्मचारी: 87%
स्थिति: 100%
value: 94%
recommended: 94%

Apartments Cardo समीक्षाएँद्वारा दर्ज़ा दिया गया है 7 ग्राहकों

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