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There are a number of reasons why you should visit Australia. Most of them are listed here: read these smart hints and tips to make the best use of your time Down Under.

Michela is an Italian passionate traveller, travel blogger and writer who has been travelling alone in Australia for 10 years. From backpacking to luxury retreats Michela has experienced Australia in different ways on the road, by bus, train and air covering much of the country with over 65thousand km. Out of her travel adventures she has created Rocky Travel Guide, an award-winning blog offering help to independent travellers and women travelling alone around Australia.

Here is Michela's short Australia guide: we hope it will inspire your travel and will come useful before you set off.

1) What are the myths and false beliefs that prevent people from travelling in Australia?

Australia is a dangerous place to visit because of venomous snakes and spiders, sharks, jellyfish and saltwater crocodiles. While it's partly true, as these animals are found in Australia, it does not mean that they are everywhere. You definitely need to be aware of your surroundings: unless you plan to immerse yourself in the deep forest there are no reasons to believe you are going to make these encounters. Crocodiles can be spotted on a river cruise but again, you need to know what you can do and what you can't do. Hazards on the australian roads are also an issue, but there is a huge difference between driving on sealed roads in the australian outback, which is safe, and driving into remote areas on dirt road:, this is definitely not something for everyone. You need the proper skills and preparation (4WD) for it, and to know what to do in bad weather and bad road conditions. Dangers and hazards can be an issue under extreme circumstances only. What you need in Australia is good information about the destinations you want to explore. The more you know about them, the better.

2) What mistakes do people make or what don't they know about Australia?

Thinking that Australia and Europe are the same. Things Down Under work in a different way and you must know about it. Under-estimating driving in Australia. Huge distances suck in Australia. This may be something really difficult to make out, you cannot realize how demanding a route can be until you have tried it out. I get emails from readers asking whether they can drive from Cairns to Sydney in 5 days! What on the map looks like a short road trip, in reality it's a demanding road journey of a few thousands km. Before planning a trip to Australia you need to make a good research about the destinations and all viable options to get to there and around.

Australia Weather Map

3) What are the most important things to know for a good Australia Trip?

A well planned itinerary and a focus on the trip. Start your trip planning at least 3 months in advance. Find out the best way to get around, evaluate all possible options and pick the one that most suits your time frame and skills. It is vital to maximize time in Australia, don’t waste precious time in planning any further when you are there. Do the whole trip planning before leaving or ask for help if you cannot do it by yourself.

4) What tips can you give for choosing destinations and itineraries in Australia?

Map out the itinerary around some Australia attractions but maintain the focus on the things you really want to see and enjoy. Choose wisely according to your time frame and the season you plan to travel. Australia is huge and covers various climate zones at the same time. Avoid to visit the biggest attractions like Uluru and GBR Kakadu NP during peak season as it will be packed with visitors and prices are higher.

5) To travellers with limited budget and time, what would you suggest?

You need to have a plan that is realistic. You cannot expect to see half of Australia in 2 weeks and cram as much as possible into your travel plan. The outcome is devastating as you will be spending more time travelling from A to B instead of taking in one place at at a time. The ideal time to visit Australia is 3-4 weeks, no less than this. Australia is an expensive destination but fortunately there are lots of ways to enjoy the country on a budget too. You can choose to stay in hostels or private accommodation to save money, you can hire a campervan for long road trips. Australia has a great offer of alternative ways of stay and getting around the country. Research, plan and make the most out of it.

6) Why would you recommend Australia to women travelling alone?

Australia is a safe country with amazing natural landmarks and a wealth of unique wildlife, wonderful people and a deep sense of freedom which reigns everywhere. It’s very easy to get around the country even for first time visitors and women travelling alone. I made my first solo long trip in Australia 10 years ago and since then I have been back 3 more times, always solo! I can highly recommend it to all women who are starting to travel alone and looking for a safe and unique destination to get inspired from. I hope you will enjoy this amazing country and fall in love with it as I did.

Michela on Kangaroo Island

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