Why is it a must to visit Venice at least once?


4 reasons why Venice is always a good idea!

Venice is a true Italian donna: it's hard to tame its character, but nevertheless few people can withstand its charming beauty. Year by year millions of tourists from all over the world come to Italy to see its most precious pearl in person. What is it that attracts and disarms so many people?

We have narrow it down to the top 4 reasons that makes Venice appear in pretty much every travel bucket list out there.

Why should you visit Venice at least once in a life time?

1. Because it's an endless discovery

Daytime Venice and nighttime Venice are two different sides of the same coin, but boy they couldn't be more far apart! During the day, the city gives out the sharpest, classical version of itself. We're talking about historical buildings marked by centuries of history that share the same square with trendy contemporary museums and traditional looking pasticcerie. On sunny days tourists and locals mingle in the narrow calli that crisscross the entire city like a spiderweb, squeezing between the pretty façades of the houses until the next campo.

Navigate the city is not an easy task: it usually takes a huge dose of patience, three or four wrong turns and a good internet connection... but what if I told you there's actually an easy way out? For a stress-free arrival or departure from the city and for any help you may need getting around, we recommend that you download the Prontopia app before your arrival. The app gives you access to in-person help from a Prontopia local whenever you need it, making your tour around Venice much more relax and intratening. Venetians are known for their hilarious sense of humor and warm welcome, you will feel at home right away!

Venice during the daytime is a sight to be seen!

The energy that floods thorugh its veins takes completely different forms when the sun goes down. As the crowd of tourists put on their "going out" outfit and fancy shoes, so does the city, which instantly becomes calmer, more mysterious, sensual. The lights of the cafès and restaurants sparkling on the water surface, the occasional music coming from the street artists hidden in the corners, the gondolas ready for their last tour: could you think of a more romantic backdrop for the perfect evening for two?

Venezia di notte è tutta un luccichio

2. Because everything is one walk away (even with aching feet)

The truth is that Venice is a city for those who do not fear to walk the day away. If you're into long walks, with the extra bonus of enjoying breathtaking views, then Venice is the travel destination of your dreams. No cars, no bikes, no buses, no taxes (well, except for the ones who run on the water!): the air is as fresh and clean as it can gets and it could get and having to rely on your feet to move around may become the relaxing and chill adventure you didn't think you needed.

How to visit Venice like a pro

Moreover, during a nice conversation or listening to your favourite music time flies super fast, even if you want to take the most touristic route and visit all the most iconic sights in one day: San Marco Square, Rialto Bridge, Constitution bridge, Academia Gallery, Bridge of Sights...

If instead your car is your best friend and you hate walking around and wasting time in narrow calli sandwiched between tourists, you can always invest some money on buying a vaporetto's day pass and enjoy the view of Venice from the water.

Visitare Venezia in vaporetto è una buona alternativa

3. Because it's the queen of spritz and "chicchetti"

Italians know all about good food: pizza, pasta, lasagna, ravioli, tortelloni, gelato, tiramisù... Even the names can awake your hunger! And imagine cafès and restaurants all around you and the luring smell of these wonderful dishes. But don't worry about your weight - as Italians say: "Venice is all about eating, drinking and walking."

Try to go out at least once with locals, and you'll see that this is unforgettable experience. Take a glass of Prosecco or Spritz aperitivo, which is an integral part of these Italian meetings. But if you want to feel like a true Venetian, there are two essential things you have to order: a Select Aperitivo and one (or more ten!) cicchetto.

Select is bitter than Aperol but its strong tinge will surely help you to get into the party mood much quicker! And if you don't know what a "cicchetto" is, we think this picture from the famous Paradiso Perduto Osteria sums it up pretty well:

Venice tastiest food!

Little seafood tastes like lobster claw or sarde in saor, slice of toast with ham and vegetables or baccalà mantecato, mozzarella in carrozza (fried mozzarella cheese sandwich), meatballs and fried courgette flowers... an endless list of tastiness!

A night, the city turns into the place for partying and going out to the pubs and bars of any taste and budget: Bacareto da lele, Il Caffè Rosso, Cafè Noir, Devil`s Forest Pub are only few of the places where friends and travellers like to gather and dance the night away.

4. Because it's simply too precious to be missed

Is Venice slowly sinking?

While we really hope that the city will not end up like Atlantida anytime soon, it's a known fact that Venice is slowly but inevitably sinking. Maybe that's the reason why there's always seems to be a kind of maliconic aftertaste in its beauty...

While we wait for the Mose to work its magic, let's try to protect this gem of a city in the best way we can: as a tourist, you may want to know that there are some things one can't do in Venice and that rules are always to be respected in order to ensure its cleanliness and safety. Keep a respectful behaviour during your visit and the lagoon will surely thank you with one of its magic sunsets!

Because in Venice there's only one thought that can be in your mind: "La vita è bella!"

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