Why is it a must to visit Venice at least once?

Prospects of the journey + tips how to become a Venetian

Venice is a true Italian donna. It's hard to tame its character, but nevertheless few people can withstand its charming beauty. Year by year millions of tourists from all over the world come to Italy to see its pearl in person. What is it that attracks and disarms so many people?

Il Canal Grande a Venezia

Two faces of Venice

In the daytime Venice welcomes crowds of tourists, demonstrates them its unique architecture, historical monuments and canal views and suggests to try the traditional Italian cuisine in local cafès and restaurants. But at night it turns into the place for partying and going out to the pubs and bars of any taste and budget: Bacareto da lele, Il Caffè Rosso, Cafè Noir, Devil`s Forest Pub, etc.

Try to go out at least once with locals, and you'll see that this is unforgetable experience. Take a glass of prosecco or Spritz aperitivo, which is an integral part of these Italian meetings. And if you want to feel like a true Venician, order Select aperitivo - you can try it only here, in Venice.

Venezia di notte

It's impossible to realize at once which of these faces is real and which is a mask. Who knows, maybe for this very reason this city is where the most famous and large-scale carnivals in the world take place?...

Walk, walk, walk...

Punta della Dogana e Chiesa della Madonna della Salute

If you're into long walks, especially while breathing fresh sea air and enjoying beautiful views of ancient buildings - then Venice is the city for you! Moreover, during a nice conversation or listening to your favourite music time flies super fast, even if you tend to visit all the most famous sights in one day: San Marco Square, Rialto Bridge, Constitution bridge, Academia Gallery, Bridge of Sights, etc. And you'll have great pictures and wonderful memories as a souvenir.

Gastronomic pleasures

After walking long around the beauties of Venice it's the perfect time to have dinner! Italians know all about good food: pizza, pasta, lasagna, ravioli, tortelloni, gelato, tiramisù... Even the names can awake your hunger! And imagine cafès and restaurants all around you and the luring smell of these wonderful dishes. But don't worry about your weight - as Italians say: "Venice is all about eating, drinking and walking."

Visit it before it's too late

Piazza San Marco

You might have heard that Venice is slowly but inevitably sinking. And probably in a while it will repeat the fate of Atlantida. Is it so? This beautiful city is going under the water every year, but these figures are not so significant to say goodbye to Venice already. Let`s not think about sad things, shall we better stop at a cafe with the Grand Canal view and have a glass of prosecco. Because in Venice there's only one thought that can be in your mind: "La vita è bella!"

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