Why Barcelona is the best place to go out RIGHT NOW

Para vivir la vida loca (to live a crazy night!)

Barcelona is the city where you can go out until sun rises, party by the beach and in a low cost way! And now is the best time of the year to do it, wanna know why?

1 - Nights are actually slightly hotter then days

Forget about watching series with hot chocolate, we're in October but it's 20º outside so you're going to party like a summer night in Spain... cause that's how it feels like anyway!

2 - Summer is over but not Barcelona's beach season!


Picture from the website trendenciashombre.com

Meaning you can sunbath and swim during the day and make your own "botellón" during the night! Have a couple drinks in the sand or party in the clubs near by in Barceloneta area. Some of those clubs are: Opium, Pacha or Catwalk.

Special tip: search and sign up for one of the many guest lists available and enter for free!

3 - Don't miss the Magic Fountain show

Magic Fountain

Picture from the website barcelonasmartmoving.com

Originally made for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition, this show combines music, lights and wather. And the best part: IT'S FREE! It is a very popular attraction but hopefully won't be as crowded as in the picture since the summer is over.

During the month of October the show has a session at 9pm and another at 9h30pm on Thrusdays, Fridays and Saturdays. For the rest of the year, check the schedule here.

4 - Some bars are just out of this world

Bosc des Fades

Picture from the website tripadvisor.com

Bosc de les Fades is defenitely one of them. The trees, the lights and the decoration will take your mind to Rivendell, the city of the Elves in Lord of the Rings.

Now that you had your first drink of the night in Bosc de les Fades, let's go for shots! In Chupitos Bar Barcelona you can try more then 200 different "chupitos"... we advise not all in the same night! You can find shots with tiramisu, creme, cucumber... anything you can possibly imagine!

Plaça Reial

Picture from the website shutterstock.com

Plaça Reial is a beautiful square located next to La Rambla with palm trees, a fountain, lamps designed for the famous architect Antoni Gaudí (one of his first works!) and clubs and pubs all around! You'll find jazz, funk, hip-hop, R&B and even a secret society “Sherlock Holmes” themed (secret because the entrance looks just like someone's apartment) called Pipa Club.

5 - Some clubs are international legends you must try

Seriously, even if you're not a very club type of person, in Barcelona you will dance!


Picture from the website offparty.com

"One size fits all" could be the slogan of Razzmatazz in the sense that is free once a week for students, you'll hear all kind of music, there are thematic shows, a huge terrace very enjoyed by smokers and everyone is welcome!

Nasty Mondays

Picture from the website shbarcelona.es

Nasty Mondays are the most famous nights of Apolo, a former theater where people queue for hours and are more then willing to pay a few extra euros to enjoy a night in this club. If you are not available on a Monday night, try Crappy Tuesdays or check Apolo's website for concerts!

Already imagining all the crazy adventures you're gonna live in Barcelona? Just in case you're considering to sleep every now and then, check our amazing hostels in BCN!

*Cover picture from Manuel Ek from the website flickr.com