Amsterdam is a city full of life, colours, nature, nightlife and... bicycles! It is incredible how bikes are the most used means of transport and you can rent one. If you arrive from the railway station or if you pass from it, you will discover that this is true.

Bicycles in railway station

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It is possible to visit this city in three days but you need more days if you really want to try to get in touch with the culture and the locals but also to feel the beauty of this city.

Do you know what you cannot miss?

- A'DAM Lookout -

A'ADAM Lookout

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Have you ever imagined to have a swing ride at the Europe highest swing? In this place you can! At the beginning maybe you will be scared but don't worry... it is not dangerous and for sure that you will laugh during and afterwards!

This is only one of the unbelievable experiences that you can take! A 360º view over Amsterdam, a skybar and a restaurant, an interactive exhibition and a super fast elevator, are other things that you can expect. 

- Postcard Experience -

Here you can do a video about your experience in Amsterdam and tell your friends and family how was it in short time. You can choose the theme regarding this city or even Netherlands. All you need to do is smile and having fun alone or the people you are with. 

- Zaanse Schans -


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Windmills is one of the symbols of Netherlands so don't forget to go to Zaanse Schans, which is 30min by transports from Amsterdam, and see them with properly eyes. Some are open to the public with a small admission. 

- Anne Frank House -

Amsterdam has a lot of history and one of the most known is Anne Frank. Here you can visit where she, her family and other people hid themselves for more than two years due to Nazi persecution and where she wrote the famous worlwide diary. In the visit you can count with the original diary in addition to photos, documentaries and some objects of that time. It is breath-taking to be inside. 

It is better to buy online because you don't need to be on the queues (usually, it is a huge queue). 

Anne Frank

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This is the most iconic history place to go but you have also other museums, such as Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Madame Tussauds, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Rembrandt House Museum, and many others.

- Cheese, stroopwaffles and Bitterballen -

Cheese is another symbol of Netherlands and it is a big business in Amsterdam so you can't leave this city without trying it. There are a lot of shops with a wide range of dutch cheeses, like Gouda and Maasdammer. In most of them you can try for free and then decide which one do you like most. 

You will also see a lot of tradition dutch cookies, the stroopwaffels, with caramel inside. They are very delicious and while you are eating the first, you are thinking about the second, and so on. 


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Bitterballen is crispy meatballs normally served with mustard. It is a very common dutch snack and it is really good when combined with beer - you will be like in heaven! Talking about that, if you are in Netherlands, you need to try dutch beers. For instance, Heineken, Grolsch and Bavaria. In Amsterdam you can also have an Heineken Experience, an interactive adventure through the intense and dynamic world of Heineken.


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It is impossible to get bored in Amsterdam. In one way or another, you have always something to do. 

If you are planning to have fun during night, you could not have chosen better the city. Amsterdam not only have clubs but also a lot of funny events. 

- Red Light Street -

This part of the city is really calm during the day, making you wonder if it is not a normal place. However, at night it transforms into something unusual for most of the people, turning into a tourist attraction. There are red lights, sex signs and girls at the window everywhere. You can experience and watch sex shows.

Red Light Street

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- Nightclubs -

In Amsterdam, you can dance in different types of clubs: warehouses (Warehouse Elementenstraat), school (De School) and industrial buildings (Sugarfactory), and basements (Shelter), where some of them really hidden. 

Are you ready to move your feet and enjoy the moment? 

- King's Day -

Every year, on 27th of April (King's birthday), there is a big outdoor festivity in Netherlands, with more focus and a special atmosphere in Amsterdam. People celebrate all day with a wide range of activities, wearing orange clothes (even their pets), showing pride for the Dutch Royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau. 

King's day

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- Nature -

Vondelpark, which is the a famous park in Netherlands, is situated near the Van Gogh museum, being central to you. It is really nice to stay there relaxing and enjoying, where you can visit it by walking or riding a bike. There are free concerts during summer season. 


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Amsterdam is a green city so if you are fanatic about parks, you will find in "every corner". Here are some examples of other parks that you can go, do picnics and gain energy to continue your trip in Amsterdam: Rembrandtpark, Sarphatipark and Oosterpark.


Are you convinced to book a flight and accommodation to Amsterdam? I know that the answer is a "yes", otherwise you are going to miss such a beautiful city with a lot of different things to enjoy!

And if you just can't get enough of Amsterdam enjoy our Travel Steps video! :)


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