A train journey is one with its own rhythm - the perfect backpacking trip where you should take all the time you need to reach your chosen goal. 

If you're thinking of taking an Interrail trip, first of all you need to know what it is and how it works.


Interrail travel allows you to tour Europe with a single ticket that enables you to travel as much as you like in a given period of time. 

What options can you choose?

- 5 days of travel over a total of two weeks (15 days)

- 7, 10 or 15 days of travel within 1 month

- 15 total days of travel with departures on any day

- a 22 day trip with departures on any day

- 1 month of travel with departures on any day

How does InterRail work?

After choosing the duration of your trip, it's time to get planning.

Once you have chosen the stages of your journey you can write them on your tickets before you begin if you prefer, however we would advise that you leave then blank in case you change your mind about taking that particular train on that particular day. You can always change your mind ... and that's the beauty of InterRail, as you're free to change your plans at the last minute.

interrail map

You do need to take care not to take the high speed trains though, otherwise you have to pay a premium.

Whether you write down each stage on your tickets straight away and stick to your plans rigidly or whether your journey takes its own shape gradually, the important thing is that you are bound to enjoy this special experience. 

How much does an InterRail pass cost?

The cost of the pass varies depending on which option you choose, but they start from around 170 to 200 Euros up to more than 400 Euros for the most flexible tickets.


1. Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Prague

This is perhaps the classic Interrail route and also one of the most complete, since it crosses 4 different countries.

The first stop is Berlin, where you can lose yourself among its street art, its museums and monuments. You can easily get around the city thanks to the many free apps that this city offers and these can even often be used offline.

If you need some advice on restaurants to eat in, we show you some of the coolest in this article.

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The second stop is in Amsterdam, where you'll want to visit at least one of the 5 most bizarre museums in the city, as well as the famous coffee shops.

Do not miss the exciting nightlife in Amsterdam, but also, you should try to find time to visit some of its museums and the Wijdesteeg, a colourful alley.

Recommended Hostel: Train Lodge Amsterdam (sticking with the train-travel theme!)

The third stop is in Copenhagen, perhaps the most expensive of the destinations, but you can save money by following our advice about these 12 free things to do in the city.

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The last stop is in Prague, where we recommend you avoid the typical tourist routes and instead discover the unusual side of Prague.

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2. Paris, Frankfurt, Monaco, Vienna

This journey takes in 3 different countries. 

Paris is a timeless city that is always beautiful - modern and historic at the same time, and you will never grow tired of it. 

Now Paris even offers street food, there's no need to spend a fortune on eating out.

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Frankfurt is your second stop, where you can finally fill your belly with sausage and sauerkraut to give you the strength to continue your Interrail journey with your energy fully restored.

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The third stop is also in Germany - Munich, a city that has a wonderful and picturesque old town.

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Your journey ends in Vienna, a city that was the birthplace of Mozart and Beethoven, and you can read some advice about the city in this article.

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3. Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sofia.

Our final suggested Interrail itinerary takes you through the Balkans, starting in Slovenia, and ending up in the capital of Bulgaria. This is definitely the cheapest trip of our three suggested journeys. 

You can visit Ljubljana in just one day as it is small and cosy, yet it still has a lot to offer.

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Zagreb is a city that is just waiting to be discovered, with an identity that has become even stronger over recent years. The hostels in Zagreb are really beautiful and extremely modern.

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Your third stop takes you to Belgrade and discover its curiosities and fascinating history.

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You end your journey in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria - a World Heritage site filled with museums. It is the third oldest capital city in Europe, after Athens and Rome.

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Have you already taken an Interrail journey? Why not tell us about it?