Top 5 of food and drinks you MUST try in Belgium

Get your wallet and your stomach prepared because you won't resist to Belgium's gastronomy wonders!

Belgium is located between three way more touristic countries: the Netherlands, Germany and France. But if you think this small country doesn't worth your visit... check the list of food and drinks below that you MUST try!

1. Starting by desert because we're greedy: the waffles

There's two kinds of waffles in Belgium, the waffle of Brussels...

Brussels' waffele

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...and the one of Liège

liege waffle

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The waffle of Brussels is the typical waffle you can find out in other countries, it is made through a liquid paste that is placed in a waffle maker and while it cooks, gets the shape we are used to. While the waffle of Liège is more like a cookie and it's considered the most authentic!

2. Here everyone loves beer - and you will love it as well!

Belgian beer

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There are more then 1000 different beers in Belgium. With different taste, size and alcoholic content. Even the people who don't like beer, will enjoy Belgian beer!

3. Beer in the food - why not?

Beef with back beer sauce

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There are several dishes prepared with beer in this country, we recommend the one in the picture, which is beef with back beer sauce.

4. And what testes really good together with this meat... french fries! Or should I said Belgian fries...?

Belgian fries

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First made in Belgium during the XVIII century, they are probably the best fries you'll eat in your life because they are carefully fried twice!

5. The kept the best for the end: the Belgian chocolate!

Belgian chocolate

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Did you know that there's a law in Belgium that regulates the composition of the chocolate? That means, in this country there's no such thing as bad chocolate!

And did you know that from 1993 until nowadays, every year in Brussels there's an event exclusively dedicated to chocolate and in which new flavors are presented to the public. It's called Le Salon du Chocolat and it happens in February.

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