The perfect destinations for vegan travelers

If you are scared of not following your vegan diet while travelling, here are the destinations where it will be not hard for you.

To follow a vegan diet while travelling, it is not easy at all, but surely possible. 

Nowadays, there are so many companies that have made their way in this field, offering a lot of valid alternatives to those who do not like meat.

It is true, too, that there are places in the world where finding vegan food is easier than in others, just for a reason of culture or avant-garde.

For a backpacker that stays in a hostel, the life of a travelling vegan, maybe, it's a little bit easier, since you can use the shared kitchen and prepare a meal in full autonomy.

See that hostels, also in this case, are a great choice, also because, in some cases, also offer the vegan breakfast.

But which are the perfect destinations for vegan travelers? Let's see them.

TAIPEI, Taiwan

panini al vapore

Although the most common ingredients in Taiwanese cuisine are chicken, pork and fish, you'll be able to find vegan dishes, as boiled bread, filled with veggie, sweet potato skewers and vegetable noodles.

BERLIN, Germany

Always at the forefront, the city of Berlin now has many vegan shops and restaurants. Among the free apps to visit Berlin there is also the Berlin Vegan Guide, to easily find a place to eat.

SINGAPORE, Singapore


Singapore's cuisine is famous for the use of tofu, and next to the Sri Mariamman Temple, the oldest Hindu temple of the city, is one of the largest vegetarian malls, including vegan products.

TEL AVIV, Israel

Many Tel Aviv residents declare to be vegans or vegetarians, at least according to what is emerged from a recent survey, but you can easily seei it from the shops you find around the city. Among the typical dishes to taste in vegan version there is the shawarma, very similar to the kebab you know, and the falafel.

NEW YORK, United States

the green radish

Multiethnic as it is, New York could not be cited as the perfect destination for vegan travelers. If you find a billion different sandwiches and burgers here, be sure that you'll find many vegan alternatives.

Try to make a leap to The Green Radish, a truck food exclusively vegetarian and vegan.


The number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city of Chiang Mai is really large, on the web there are a lot of articles and blogs that describe the dishes and advise the best. This is truly one of the destinations where there's nothing to worry about.

SAN FRANCISCO, United States

san francisco

Same speech made for New York City, San Francisco is a great city, which certainly as a trend and lifestyle does not lag behind. The Judahlicious, for example, located between Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park, offers vegan meals under $10.

SEOUL, South Korea

In many Korean dishes (at least) a vegetarian diet is observed. Famous is the Hangwachae, a restaurant with a rich vegetarian and vegan buffet.

AMMAN, Jordan


In the Jordanian diet, vegetables have an important role. Of course also the meat, especially lamb, is widely used, but you can always rely on dishes such as hummus, falafel and tabbouleh, a parsley, onion, tomato, mint and bulgur salad.


We could not skip a city of India, since vegan food here is really widespread, along with vegetarian.

Think that here there is one of the largest vegetarian communities in the world, so vegan dishes are also very popular and varied.


Cover Image By Brooke Lark