Slow Travel: The Art of Travelling Without Haste


What is 'Slow Travel'? We tell you about this new trend and how to apply it.

In an era where movement and speed prevail, slowing down and going at your own pace is considered a rarity. When it comes to travel, in general, visits are fleeting and you cram everything you can into a short amount of time because it's limited. This is right here where Slow Travel comes into play - a new form of tourism that changes pace and prioritizes the present.

Let's start with the basics, what is Slow Travel?

Observation as a practice of Slow Travel.

'Slow Travel' is a modern concept that was born in contrast to the rushed trips, that are usually fast paced and where you can notice a tourist's disinterest in the place, its traditions, the culture, and the people. What Slow Travel is looking to do is end mass and accelerated tourism and to make way for a new way of travelling where the quality of the trip is prioritized. How do you intend to achieve this?

Become more aware of what is being lived around you, pay attention to the region, the culture and the language of where you are. If you understand their traditions, their life philosophies, their gastronomy, etc. it naturally connects you to other cultures and worlds. The result of this conjunction is mental openness that then leads us to appreciate the diversity in customs, folklore, language, etc. And all thanks to a simple gear change.

This famous art of slowing down called 'Slow Travel' also implies practicing sustainable tourism. Respect for the environment is a very valuable commitment to the future of humanity.

What is the origin of this way of travelling?

Slow Travel was born from the hand of Slow Food, a calmer and healthier way of eating.

This movement began in the late 1980s in opposition to the fast pace of life in cities and as a movement against fast food. Along with this, slow food was born, an association that supports local tradition, good food and getting to know a place through flavors. The movement grew, it became a way of life, that is, a need to lower that accelerated pace of life to other areas, also reflected in tourism.

"Calm in the soul"

Slow travel is a new mechanism that invites us to share more with the local people in calm and in tune with the environment. One of the principles of this style of travel is to change the idea of ​​travelling. It is about appreciating the little moments no matter how simple they are, enjoying and memorizing that moment in the mind. See life go by, understand the way of life of the local people of that place knowing where they come from.

The idea is to blend in with that adventure, allow yourself to enjoy without feeling that there is a goal to be achieved. Stop collecting stamps and start collecting memories. Unfortunately, this is not without difficulty. Today there are distractions such as mobile phones and their social networks that keep us increasingly away from achieving a deep connection with the "now", with that wonderful present that exists before our eyes. The key to winning the battle is first to recognize that precise second of inattention and then act or act in any way you can.

How can I apply this concept?

Socialising with locals is a good way to get immersed in a culture.

If we were to give you the full list of tips on how to travel in Slow Travel mode we'd probably take up your whole day. Luckily, there are three simple yet fantastic changes you can make to start travelling more slowly and consciously which anyone is capable of achieving.

The first tip is to walk. The mere fact of venturing into a new city for the first time is quite a thrill because physical activity mixed with adrenaline produces a state of absolute fullness. Avoid using Google Maps or taking taxis to familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Walk, walk and walk. Walk through streets discovering neighborhoods and let yourself be seduced by the smell of restaurants and street food stalls that you find along the way. What's more, treat yourself and sit down to eat some rolls while you practice slow city and slow food.

Get involved with locals. The best way to really get closer to a culture is through its venues. Interacting with them by exchanging opinions or ideas is necessary to learn. Culture is the essence of a community, it is important to know it in detail to hang onto its best values ​​and apply them to daily life. The dialogues with the locals will help you to immerse yourself in their ways of life creating lasting bonds.

Another way to Slow Travel is to put away your phone. We know, it is quite a challenge. Especially in this day and age where camera quality and instagram stories combined are all the ingredients we need to get a little bit of that exquisite dopamine. The idea is that you use your technological devices when they really deserve it, that is, it is not worth scrolling your feed for half an hour when you are having lunch in front of the Colosseum in Rome. Memories are best immortalized when you see them with your eyes and not with the lens of your iPhone.

That's all for now from us on Slow Travel, the next steps are in your hands! Do not pressure yourself, go calmly and make your progress little by little and try not to rush in such beautiful moments. We hope you enjoyed reading and we are waiting for you on our Instagram - @hostelsclub. Here are some interesting articles for you:

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