Discover Seville by bicycle

The smartest way to visit the Andalusian capital city

Visiting Seville by bicycle has become very fashionable. It is amazing to ride a bike next to one of the magnificent parks of the city or its Moorish architecture.

Seville, the capital of Andalusia in southern Spain, has experienced a bicycle revolution in recent years. There are 120 kilometres of bike lanes available, making Seville one of the best cities in Spain to go by bicycle.

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Seville is a city with a warm, exciting and charming climate. Tapas bars submerged in its medieval streets, gardens full of flowers and orange trees and magnificent tiles shining on the facades of the buildings.

You will not find a destination more attractive than Seville in another European city. With a great list of great hostels in Seville you can save a lot of money and visit other cities in Andalusia.

Where to ride a bicycle in Seville

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With a line of bike lanes of more than 100 kilometers connecting the city, bicycle rental has been a great success. The sun is guaranteed in Seville almost every day of the year, especially from April to October, so you can plan your trip without worrying about time. The cyclists are protected from the cars by a curb and a fence and, in this way, riding the bike becomes the best way to visit the city for people of all ages and also for the less skilled on a bike.

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Explore the Plaza de España, the romantic gardens of the Alcazar Palace and of course, you can not miss the manificent Cathedral of Seville, the third largest in the world where Christopher Columbus rests.

The Alcazar Palace is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain and captures the historical wonders of the Mediterranean. Seville is a fascinating city to explore by bike and walking.

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Cyclists can access a network of beautiful bike paths in Seville that allow them to explore their nearest towns.

If you want to travel by bike beyond Seville, the best option will be the historic road between Seville and Carmona. You will pass through fields of olive trees and arrive at Carmona with its incredible 15th century tower.

Surely, cycling around Seville surrounded by orange trees and olive trees will be a difficult experience to forget.

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How much does it cost to go by bike in Seville?

For those who want to rent the bicycle for a short period of time they must pay a deposit of 150 euros which will be returned at the end of the week to ensure that bicycles are not stolen or damaged.

Weekly registration fee: € 12.30

The first 30 minutes: free

The first hour: € 1

Second hour or more: € 2

Where to stay in Seville?

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Samay Hostel Sevilla is a hostel located in the oldest and most romantic neighborhood of the city, Santa Cruz. Rooms available from € 20.37

SevillaDream Hostel is a modern hostel with Wify and is just a 10 minute walk from the María de las Cuevas Monastery. This hostel offers a bar, a terrace and a 24-hour reception. Rooms available from € 19.13

Oasis Backpackers Palace is a hostel located in a beautiful building of the last century. It offers quality rooms to low cost travelers and backpackers and a magnificent terrace. Rooms available from € 26.01