One day trip to Verona - what to visit?

The city of Romeo and Juliet has a lot to offer!

Verona, more known as the city of the lovers, the city of Romeo and Juliet, or even as the small Rome; doesn't matter how you decide to call it or which of its attractions charms you the most... you will fall in love with this city!

This city has only around 270 thousands of inhabitants... so is that to do here?

We will give you five tips which will bring you back to Verona many times:

The Verona Arena

Coliseu de Verona

Italy is much more then Rome, although it's still possible to feel like Rome when you arrive in Verona. Its old architecture, its roads and mainly its Arena will remind you a lot of the capital! Also called of Small Coliseum, the Arena is not only that, it's an amphitheater with all its charm and beauty. Moreover, with its capacity of about 30 000 spectators, and with its structures very well preserved for so many years... should it really be called "small"?

The arena is also a stage for concerts and shows performed by national and international artists. How great it would be to see a life performance of your favorite band in a place like this?

Piazza Del Erbe

Piazza delle Erbe

Verona can be a romantic city for lovers, but it is also a city full of life and opened to modernity. To understand better its contrasts, nothing better then walk and watch, feeling and living the local reality. In 24 hours walking around, you can't miss Piazza delle Erbe. There you will find several types of shops, churches and lots of street food, a fun interesting mix worth exploring.

Next to the square you can also find Juliet's House and its famous balcony. Look at the balcony and imagine Juliet staring at Romeo and listening to his love declarations. If you want to visit Juliet's statue (and touch her boob for good luck!) be prepared to wait as there are always so many tourists around!



Besides the castle, Castelvecchio is a fortress with a very military style, which brings back on history, back to the first years of the city. Crossing the river by the bridge inside the castle will give you a spectacular view of the city! Walk along the river will also provide you with amazing views and pictures!

Admire Verona from the top of the Lamberi Tower

Torre dei Lamberti

That tower, located in Piazza delle Erbe, was built by aristocrats to show its power and so it's the highest building in the city. Therefore, you'll get a privileged view of the city. The tower is opened to visit from 10:00 to 18:00. The ticket costs 8,00 € and it includes the entrance to the Gallery of Modern Art.

SPECIAL TIP: On first weekends of the month the entrance is only 1,00 €. Enjoy!



The food in Italy, not only Verona, is part of the culture and the traditions of the country, and it's SO delicious! In Verona you will find many restaurants, "osterie", many options of coffee, pasta, pizza, risotto. Some of them more expensive, others cheaper... here you'll find many options, all of them very delicious because you know... it's Italy!

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