New York city solo and cheap!

You will NEVER feel lonely in the city which never sleeps!

Travel alone means having more fun then you imagine, you can meet more places and people if you're not depending on someone else's opinion! Travel alone can be as safe as travel with other people and it will bring you unique experiences and it make you realize you're braver then you thought!

So read our tips and we promise you will want to buy a plane ticket to NYC afterwards!

New York by yourself

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Traveling alone doesn't mean staying alone

Street of New York

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One of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world will never let you be alone. Get to know the locals, try the neighborhood restaurants, chat with new yorkers and other travelers, don't be afraid to say something wrong! The best way to interact with other people is by staying in a hostel. Hostels are THE BEST PLACES to make new friends, ask for information and find that travel partner with who you'll become best friends throughout the trip.

It's gonna be cheeeeap

New York at night

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You will eat whenever you want, catch the public transport when you're tired, rest. You can wait for the schedule in which attractions are free (yes, there's such thing in NYC!!!) or if you can't wait just find a free attraction, there are so many in New York, anyway!

Yes, it is safe

Keep in mind some safety measures which you would have anyway being alone of with friends: take care of your belongings, be surrounded by people, don't walk alone during the night in suspicious neighborhoods... have some cash and a charged phone and you'll be fine!

Lucky us, New York allows us to get to know its wonders without entering in a lot of places. Just the city itself worth it! These are the places you can't miss:

1. Museums:

American Museum of Natural History

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Yes, museums can be free. Some of them offer the possibility of choosing how much you wanna pay. There are some suggestions of price but it's your call! Enjoy! There are also days during which the entrance is free: the Free Museum Days! Check the website:

2. The Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

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Catch the Staten Island Ferry, the public free transport that takes people from Manhattan to the places around. From the ferry you will have a privileged view of Manhattan in a safe and comfortable journey which will allow you to enjoy the Statue of Liberty free of charge.

How to get there:

3. Parks

Central Park

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Central Park is the most famous and doesn't have an entrance cost. If you're lucky, maybe you'll be able to assist to some live TV show or the shooting of a movie!

High Line Park

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You can't miss the High Line Park either. With its unique structure, built over old railway tracks, you will be able to cross three neibgorhoods of New York from the hight of 8 meters. In these gardens you can enjoy some fresh air, the nature and the views of the city... without spending a dollar!

4. Free visits

New York Public Library

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Places to visit for free and for everyone's preference: New York Public Library for book and architecture lovers; breweries which offer tours and beer tasting, for example the Chelsea Breewing Company ; the Brooklyn Bridge which will give you a very beautiful view of New York!

view of New York

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It doesn't matter if you're travelling solo or bringing someone, with a little or a lot of money, New York will receive you with open harms and you will have an amazing time! Count on Hostelsclub to help you find the accommodation that suits you better:

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