Let’s promote hostel culture with #LOVEHOSTELS

HostelsClub is launching a campaign to fight stereotypes about hostels

Have you been in a hostel recently? If you have, you know it is a great experience, but you may have also noticed that, in spite of this, some people keep making fun of this kind of accommodation. If, on the other hand, you have never been in a hostel, it might be you who keep making jokes: if so, we recommend you keep reading…

The best things about hostels are without a doubt the sharing spirit, the happiness, and the international atmosphere. Not just a simple overnight, then, but a real experience, in true backpacker spirit. At the same time, however, hostels do not have the best reputation, and theya re the object of negative stereotypes: some people claim they are dirty and ugly, somebody complains about the lack of privacy or services, some even go back to terrible tales or urban legends, following in the footsteps of the “Hostel” horror movie by Eli Roth.

The seal we give to hostels participating the #LOVEHOSTELS campaign

Times have changed and HostelsClub.com wants to turn around the reputation of hostels. This is how the #LOVEHOSTELS idea was born: it is a campaign to fight stereotypes and promote the “hostel culture”. With this hashtag, we will gather many different features: we will post articles on our magazine (in cooperation with the hostels themselves) , we will launch contests dedicated to this theme and more generally, we will be present on social media. The goal we have in mind is to give a positive change to the mentality about hostels.

Many people do not know that modern hostels easily rival hotels: design decorations, a wide range of services, private rooms (not only dorms!), private bathrooms, spotless cleanliness and attention to security. Many hostels really do not lack anything – and you can also be sure you will have a great time, in the freedom of the common spaces: the lounge area, the shared kitchen, the bar, the roof terrace, the game room… all perfect places to know new people, and never get bored!

If you too love hostels, and if you want to help us crash the stereotypes, follow and share our hashtag #LOVEHOSTELS!

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