How was traveling in the '90s...

A trip back in time when people traveled differently

Let's bet you were also born in the '80s ... a period that we all remember with a bit of nostalgia, for songs, for evenings spent eating ice cream with friends and strumming the guitar under the moonlight. But do you remember how was traveling in the 90s? We do.

Viaggiare negli anni 90

It was big time for "on the road" trips

If traveling on the road now is almost a fashion trend, in the past it was almost the only option. Not everyone could afford a plane ticket, and maybe you also remember about an endless trip from Northern Italy to the less crowded beaches in the South.

A family trip, without GPS, an audio cassette inserted on the auto radio and a big road atlas on the passenger's knees.

come si viaggiava negli anni 90 - audiocassetta

To get the wrong way was normal, as often as it was to get lost, we all had less fear of adventuring, simply because it was quite normal to do so.

A Week end away? Something unusual

The idea of going away for the weekend was not that popular. Trips lasted longer, simply because it took longer to reach the various destinations and there was no idea how the distances could have been shortened.

At least it was a week away, if not two in a row, everything was less frantic....

Low-cost plane tickets… what?

Low cost flights we are used to today, in the 1990s were not even remotely conceived. People used to travel by car, by train, but the plane was a means of transport for a few lucky ones.


Online bookings: a dream that became true

The OTAs didn't exist, internet arrived in Italy in the 90s, but we could not even think that one day we would have organized our trips online and with a few clicks.

Hostelsclub, as many other online travel agency, arrived later and made our life much easier and cheaper.

A good leap of quality, we must say, although we will never stop looking back to our 90s with a bit of nostalgia.

The after trip photo slides

How to forget the importance of after trip moments? When the whole family, with friends and relatives, met in the living room to see the photos slides of the recent holiday projected on the wall. Something we do not any longer, missing out on those laughs for photos taken by mistake and which could not be deleted. There were no socials or photo editing tools

Do you remember film cameras? There were also disposable cameras. We all had one, especially on school trips.

viaggiare negli anni 90 diapositive

Traveling in the '90s was completely different from what it is today. If travelling is something that today we take for granted, thanks to the several low cost options that allow us to reach any place in the world and the many low cost hostels available, back then it was a privilege. If you think about how our travel habits have changed so much in such a short time, at this point, there is nothing left to ask... how will you travel in 2040?